Friday 28 November 2014

The Christmas Vintage Bazaar in Devizes

Good Morning all!

Tomorrow is the Christmas vintage bazaar and I will be attending.  I love the vintage bazaars as they are always well attended by both stall holders and buyers.   I know for a fact the lovely Donna Flower will be there tempting people with lots of vintage fabrics and goodies along with the equally lovely Victorian to Vintage! who also has lots of vintage goodies on offer.  Daisy Darling and the Washerwoman will be there with vintage wonders too! .. plus lots more stalls.

I am not sure of the whole line up but I have seen pictures of some of the items that will be there to buy and I will not only be buying for my business but picking up some Christmas presents as well.  I would rather support this world than the high street with mass produced things.

I was at a vintage fair once and over heard a lady ask about a stunning cushion.  It had the most beautiful faded rose vintage fabric and vintage French monogram attached to it.  The back was vintage linen with vintage mother of pearl buttons on the back to fasten it.  It was truly a beautiful and unique work of art, and stitched with lots of care.  The lady runs up and says "Is this Cath Kidston" and the stall holder replies "No it is vintage French fabrics dated from early 1900" and it was said with some pride and a smile.   So what do you think bloggers?  Well the lady who was looking said Oooh with disappointment and walked off!!!  I was stunned.   She would rather have mass produced fabric made to look old than the real deal....... I wondered at her being at 'a vintage fair' at all.

Where possible I always buy handmade and the exception to the rule for my lovely mum is her beloved perfume Chanel No 5..... If any is to be found in a bottle now from say the forties or fifties, I am afraid it does not smell the same and she loves it so much, as do I.

I will be taking pictures of the event so will be doing a blog next week on it.

In the meantime have a great weekend and Happy Stitching!