Saturday, 13 September 2014

Turkey Work Hand Embroidery Stitch

Good Morning all!

I have found this wonderful tutorial by Mary Corbet on an embroidery stitch called Turkey stitch.

I had never heard or seen this before.  I think it would be amazing as grass in between a flower border on an embroidered piece.  I am going to be practising this one later.

You could make a fantastic garden in embroidery with this...... Or a bee! yes I found an amazing picture of a bee worked in this stitch, it is not my work and I am afraid I do not know who to credit it too but Wow!

Take a look and have a go yourself...

Look at the detail on this bee, I do not know what the actual size is but 
if you could scale it to be stitched around a flower sampler it would look

Watch the tutorial it really is worth learning this stitch.

The possibilities are endless!.... Happy Stitching!

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