Friday 12 September 2014

The Goodwood Revival, Pretty Nostalgic Banner

Good morning all

Well today is the day that the banner I made will be carried around the Goodwood Revival weekend.  The Pretty Nostalgic team will be wandering around and carrying it high.... It is over 5ft in width and 3ft in length.... Lets hope that a gust of wind does not make them take off!!!

I am very pleased with the result as they did not really give me any instructions and it was left to my artistic nature to conjure something up.  Worked from their own designs on the magazine I scaled it up and went about drawing and cutting out the letters and hand stitched it all to a 1895 vintage French linen sheet.  The linen is very shear and stunning.

The borders are stitched on a machine for the broom poles to slide into so that it is sturdy for carrying around.  The bottom of the banner as a scalloped edge with white work embroidery, which is the orginal stitching.

I enjoyed the challenge and enjoyed being able to be given the opportunity to do this commission.  I would like to thank Nicola who is the Editor of Pretty Nostalgic for believing in me and wish this fabulous magazine all the very best.  It is a fabulous vintage read and you can subscribe to it by mail.

The Goodwood Revival special is out now and there is a little bit about my banner and myself in there on page 8.

Have a wonderful day and Happy Stitching!!

This is the front of the banner. Each letter is made from vintage eiderdown fabric and each one is different .

This is the back of the banner.

This is the close up of their motto which has been hand stitched in hand dyed thread.

The heart is made from vintage eiderdown fabric and I have made a flag from vintage linen and hand stitched my company name on there.  There are two hand carved vintage mother of pearl buttons stitched to the  flag.

This is a picture of page eight in the Pretty Nostalgic magazine, the Goodwood special.  It tells you about the banner making.  Look out for further bits about me and my business in up and coming issues.  I wish this wonderful vintage magazine lots of luck and 
look forward to doing more work with the Editor Nicola and her team.

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