Wednesday 24 September 2014

Great Day sorting..... only slightly distracted!

Hello All

Yesterdays sort out went well I can report to you!!!.... I only got slightly distracted and really you be the judge on this, it was the embroidery thread drawer!!! what is a poor woman to do?

The colours of the hand dyed threads are outstanding and I was trying to put them in some sort of order.  I only have one drawer for them so tried to tidy another drawer where some room could be in place for more.

I am picking up my latest threads in a few weeks so thought it was an idea to make sure space was available to putting them away properly and with the care that they deserve.

Things are a lot calmer in there with a basket out with my current stitching projects in them with the threads and fabric bits that are needed to complete them.   This way less distraction going to the fabric drawer ( you can see my problem)  Anyway fooling around aside it all looks tidy and organised again for my day to continue.

I hope whatever you are up to today it is a good one......  Happy Stitching!

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