Thursday 11 September 2014

Duck Egg natural Dyeing results.

Good Morning all

After yesterdays post I decided to do some research.  I came up trumps!

'Woad' is the answer to my dyeing dilemma. Woad is a plant that you can dye things blue with and I think if I can add some saffron (that is yellow in colour) to my mix I may get a form of duck egg for my butterfly project.

Woad (Isatis tintoria) is grown from seed and harvested around July/ August time.

I am really becoming very interested in all this and think I am going to start a patch in the garden growing some plants and vegetable for dyeing purposes....

In the meantime because of missing the harvest of this year I have found a place to sell me some for dyeing and I will show you the results when I receive it and I dye some vintage linen with it.

I am so excited with this project and hope that the end results are worth all of the preparation that has gone into it....

I am going to buy some seeds for next year to grow myself, but have just ordered some woad dye for this project and hope that it will be here for next week.  I then would like to do a light blue colour as well with out the saffron.  Then I have a raspberry, duck egg and blue and the decision will be probably a tea dye butterfly to complete the design.....

I think that this project will then be a go! fingers crossed that it looks good.

My research has not ended on plant and vegetable matter for dyeing fabrics, this has really caught my attention and I will be posting more about this as my research grows.

The woad plant and its seeds

Look at the results that were achieved in this workshop! Amazing!

Happy Stitching!

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