Tuesday 16 September 2014

Autumn Design Days! .......... I love them.

These wonderful warm and sunny Autumn days are very enjoyable.  As you all know I have been very busy lately, especially on the banner project.  Now I must concentrate on some work for publication and for my new and up and coming on line shop.

I have been experimenting with natural dyeing techniques and colours for dyeing bits of my precious vintage French linens, one of which is Circa 1898 SO VERY CAREFULLY! does it.

With this wonderful weather we are having here in England I am able to do this in my garden.  The warmth of the sun and the changing colours around me are sparking off wonderful new designs for 2015.

I have also been studying my garden over the weekend to see where I could put a raised vegetable patch to grow some for eating and some for dyeing fabric with!!  The thought of growing, dyeing vintage linens and then designing and stitching some things really appeal to me.

In addition I will be making some samplers to sell and I really do enjoy stitching these.  They are becoming very popular for people to buy as gifts or for their own homes.

There are several projects I do need to complete before my 3 weeks in the states so I must away.

Have a great day and Happy Stitching!

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