Thursday 4 September 2014

Its finished!!!!...... Pretty Nostalgic banner for the Goodwood Revival!!

Hello All

I am so pleased to say that finally yesterday the banner was finished and washed and ironed.  I will be wrapping it today and sending it off to Pretty Nostalgic head quarters for them to carry around The Goodwood Revival next week.

I will put pictures up on the blog next Friday as to to so before it is unveiled at the show would be a naughty NO NO!!!

So in celebration I have been getting my lovely Autumnal sampler out to complete and I am so very pleased that I am working on something that is not over 5ft by over 3ft big....  My stitching seems a doddle now!

I am going to finish that and then do a few days design work... to give my fingers a rest.  I can not work with a thimble somehow and I am afraid my fingers have suffered a little, being stabbed and bleeding ( not on my work, may I add!)

The sun is shinning here and I have already laid out my lovely stitching to finish...

Have a wonderful day all......

Happy Stitching!