Friday 20 September 2013

Vintage Kilner jar storage solutions

These are pictures of the vintage kilner jars that I find and make into storage with pretty pincushion tops.  I have these particular ones in my sewing room and store my threads in them, in colour types.

Also I use them for buttons and much more!

I love these. I actually love pretty things, I am drawn to them like a magpie to glittering things.
My lovely husband always says functionality over just looking pretty...... I feel with these beauties I have the best of both worlds.

I have at last finished sorting my sewing room and had a mad cull and got rid of what I really will not use.  When I first started my little business I was buying my stock of vintage this and that....... along with new fabrics.  I made costly mistakes.  Now though I know what is good and what people love to buy and what fabrics seem to be popular.

The difficulty in buying vintage is that you can only get what you can get and so my products are unique in the fact that the same fabrics and buttons and blankets can not be used.  For the buyer its the satisfaction that they have bought a piece of history which has been up cycled and is unique to their home.

At the moment I am busy with some magazine work and also trying to fit in making Christmas stockings and journals, along side ribbon making. My days fly by in a happy blaze of fabrics and designing.  I am very lucky with what I do and would like to thank Andrew, my husband for all his support and encouragement in this venture.  He listens tirelessly to my excited ideas and fabrics that I have got, what it will make and his hopes and dreams for me are amazing.

I am going to get one of my Robin Christmas stockings done this week and really should make up more Christmas journals.

Watch this space!!

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