Friday 27 September 2013

Macmillan day!

Good morning!

Well as the title suggests it is indeed the day that people have big coffee mornings and raise money for Macmillan.  This is a charity dear to my heart as we have a friend and neighbour who is battling with all sorts.  Three cancers in his body.  Now if you see him in the garden, doing a little weeding or pottering and he does not know you are there he is sometimes found leaning on his hoe.  I can tell he is breathless and more than likely in some pain BUT when you say hello his head pops up and you get a beautiful smile and a hello how are you! ... How am I, what about him? but no this man is always cheerful and asks how we are doing and what project I am working on and that he indeed would be very interested to see it.  In his working life he worked for Coates you see so sewing was his business.  When I purchased my new sewing machine he popped round to give it the once over :))

I try to take a leaf from his book daily.  He is always smiling and kind and never ever complains about how he feels.  He is a great and wonderful man and is, he says, married to the best woman in the world and not another woman could hold a candle to her!

So today after I have delivered all the cakes that I made ( I made some for my husbands work too so they can donate money as well) then I am joining a coffee morning at our local lovely coffee shop called Mocha Turtle and will enjoy a naughty cake and a lovely hour to raise money for such a worth while cause.

After which its back to my lovely sewing.  I must put some hours into the little house sampler and I must do some work on more Christmas stockings and ribbons as I do have a Christmas fair coming up in November that I have said I will attend.  Generally I only sell in shops around here and on Etsy but I do about 2 or 3 events in the year around this time and one in the summer.

This weekend I am not working at all and having a weekend with my husband.  I would like to go for a lovely walk in the New Forset and pop in to a coffee shop after..... It will do us good.  I love what I do ladies and gents but it involves a lot of sitting, so I hope the weather will be kind tomorrow because the forecast after that is rain, rain and more rain!

I will leave you with some cake pictures and I hope to show you progress next week sometime on the little house sampler.  I love the embroidery part and making something jump from the fabric. Until the details go in, it really looks flat and not much at all.  Its like painting when you build up the layers to give body and detail.... fabric art - its wonderful.

Have a very happy weekend whatever you are up too.

Bye for now.

 A basket full of pear and ginger little cakes.  Home grown pears and bite size pieces of crystallised ginger.

I put each one in its own bag and our coffee shop asked we put our name to them and a dedication. I sent two round to our neighbour and he was thrilled and gave me a very generous donation for the box.

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