Thursday 26 September 2013

Confessions of a stitch addict!

Good morning to all

I am thrilled that a few more people have joined me for my daily ramblings!!

Yesterday was a slight disaster on the stitching front..... I did not get much done at all.  I got side tracked you see. 

Firstly after taking a picture of my pear tree in the garden yesterday I thought I really ought to go and pick some.  The poor tree was bending and creaking under the weight of those lovelies!  So off I go with my big bowl and happily started picking pears..... then it happened a spider in the tree.  hmmmm some of you may say BUT my friends I happen to be rather terrified of these eight legged creatures.  So picture the scene ...... one frightened woman jumping about but to the world and neighbours who could see me or indeed hear this commotion, I probably looked like a nutter who had escaped from somewhere and was doing a victory war dance!!

Finally I rescued what I had picked and then had to inspect the bowl carefully to make sure there was no arachnids in there who may want to get indoors and then make it there mission to find me and terrorise me, dropping down on little bits of threads.

I need the pears as I am going to make some muffins this afternoon for a local coffee shop called Mocha Turtle who are hosting a coffee morning tomorrow in aid of cancer and I said I would contribute.  If you are local to Tuckton in Bournemouth please go along, its a very good cause.

Then I thought ok stitching time on the prize picture.  So I went to my vast thread drawer and proceeded to try and get just the right shades to embellish the house.  NOW I love my thread drawer its up there with my button stash! so that took over an hour because although I wanted the threads to be just right, I love going through it. I marvel at all the different shades and then get side tracked with my hand dyed shaker ones from America.  In addition to that ideas pop in my head for projects yet to come that would be great stitched in this colour with this colour to compliment it!!  I head for my sketch book so I can sketch it and write in the colours that I thought would look good..... other wise the thread drawer process has to start again!!

So finally that done I start to sew and then remember I owe my mum in law a phone call... so we catch up and laugh a lot.  She is my biggest fan, I believe, of my work and always interested in the next project.

To my horror when I look at the clock its now 2pm and that registering in the brain says ... Er! hello you are actually hungry......

I do finally get some stitching done but then break off to make the evening meal and well the day just vanished!!  I poured myself a glass of white wine and surrendered to the day!

I will upload a picture of the progress of the little house sampler early next week when there will be something to look at.  I managed to sew the chimney pot and roof with the invisible stitches but have to do it all before the embroidery part so there really is nothing to see right now.

So today I have a meeting at 11 oclock and I have to make some cakes this afternoon and finish my invisible stitching..... but tomorrow I hope the fun will really begin on making the little house look pretty and inviting. 

I always love to put a picture on here so I will leave you with a picture of my delicious stash of quilting threads..... Oh people I could re arrange and touch and look at these for at least half an hour!!!  Do not get me started on my vintage fabrics.... Its an addiction I know it BUT I do make things with all of it and not just stash it away for only me to see and marvel over.... So that's my defence ladies and gentlemen... I rest my case and hope you all are not to hard on me!

Bye for today.

They are beautiful are they not? You can see my problem in just leaving them in a drawer with out the occasional peek!

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