Thursday 19 September 2013

Christmas Journal design

This is one of my featured Christmas journal designs. There are different designs and are available to buy on Etsy.

Because I make these covers from mostly vintage materials, each design does differ and is unique. Once a button is used, generally I do not have another like it.  However, sometimes I am lucky enough to purchase say two or three of one design of button.

I started making these journals after making one for myself.  I love Christmas you see and like the reformed scrooge I keep it in my heart all year!
If I see something that will be a great little gift for someone or a stocking filler, I pick it up even in February.  Then I pop it away............ not remembering what I have and do not have. The Christmas journal was then born.

I start each new year with a list of names for cards and presents and put beside it what I have purchased. I do my shopping list in the journal and write in when I have bought the crackers etc.
No more finding things that I never gave to someone.  Then I draw a line under that year and start again.  This way I can look back and see what was in a stocking I gave and will then not replicate it in future years. There is only so many banana cases for pack lunches somebody needs!!

Have a look on Etsy under Homespun Stitchworks and find my shop.

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