Friday 27 September 2013

Quilted Threads..... Heaven on earth.

Quilted threads in Henniker in New Hampshire.  This is where I will be visiting and fall into a peaceful fabric coma with all the other people who visit Becky and her ladies at this shop.

When I see this sign I am overcome with happiness!
I thought I would show you all some photos of one of my favourite places on earth.... Henniker a small town in New Hampshire. Its just a small town with beautiful clap board houses and a lovely  place to stay in The Colby Inn.  You can imagine my pleasure at seeing this sign as not only is it a fabric shop BUT its the biggest clap board premises in the town..... that means untold amounts of fabrics and goodies!!  have a look as there is an online store!  I highly recommend it!!

This is the Colby Inn at Henniker. A wonderful place to stay. Welcoming and home from home with a great restaurant menu.
This is my recommendation of the day and I hope you have a look at quilted threads.  They have a show case of quilts too.
Anyway back to my sewing.... But I just had to share this with you all.
Happy days!!

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