Tuesday 24 September 2013

Competition prize.....so far!!

Hi everyone

Well today as I announced I am doing a picture as a prize draw, anyone who signs on to FOLLOW me on this blog will be in for a chance to win a picture that I have designed today.

Firstly as I said I have sketched out what I would like to do.

Here follows some pictures of the progress. This is a white vintage French linen sheet that I have chosen for the background of the picture.
This is a piece of the vintage French linen that has been cut out ready.
Vintage fabrics for the design. Ironed and ready to be cut out.
The border is cut from vintage quilt scraps.......

A little house has been cut out ready for applique.
This is the ironing and piecing process! This is where you look at it as its going to be when sewn together but before all the hand embroidery is done.

This is the planning and piecing part of the cottage house. 

So this is it so far and already five hours work has gone into this.  The designing and choosing fabrics. The drawing of the pattern and the cutting and piecing.  Tomorrow I will have to sew on the buttons and sew the house onto the fabric.  After which the embroidery detail will have to be done on the house.  There will be a garden added and also I am going to hand embroider the ABC..... So this is going to be a sampler for the person who wins the draw........

I will keep you all up to date with the progress of this and pictures will also be published, right up to the 'off to the framers' photo and of course the finished product.  I can imagine this is going to take about 40 hours to make ...... good job I love what I do!!

Bye for now....

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