Saturday 21 September 2013

New England.

This is a wonderful shop in Lenox in America which I visited two years ago.  I love that they bombed the shop and it made me smile when I saw it.  It made me want to go inside even more.
I will be going back to the States soon and although I will not be going back to this particular shop, I will be visiting a wonderful shop called Quilted threads.  The excitement is building for me.

I always take an extra suitcase for stitchery and I have to confess I have already made an order for some hand dyed Shaker threads for my new embroidery designs for next year.
Some of the names are wonderful ...Pumpkin patch, celery, Old red paint, tomato, faded rose, Holly berry and dried thyme to name a few.  The shop, Quilted Threads is over two floors and is a typical huge clapboard house with a porch and has been converted into sewing shop.

They stock fabrics from all over the world that I have never seen before.  Its fabulous for my hand made ribbons that I fray and hand stamp.  You can not make ribbon from vintage fabrics as you rarely find three meters of vintage paisley.... unfortunately.

This is some ribbon I have made... not a great photo I am afraid but it says " Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.  Its beautiful when you wrap that special gift.  It comes in 3 meter lengths.

I love doing ribbon that is not bog standard. If you wrap a parcel in plain paper and tie a lovely piece of ribbon around it and pop in some berries or a candy cane, I think it looks  very beautiful, different and inviting.

I am happily making ribbons and making Christmas bits to sell.  I have two Christmas fairs to attend, one in November and one in December so I am trying to get my stock levels up.

Happy weekend everyone.

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