Wednesday 31 January 2018

February .. a month I love.

February is the border
between Winter and Spring.

Terri Guillemets.

Can you believe we are already in the second month of this year and of course it is a short month as well, February the month of love and I love to stitch.  I have embraced the cold weather and I have become very Hygge and Lykke in my ways when it comes to the Winter season.  It is a time for nesting and lighting candles and warm fires and eating cinnamon buns .....
It is a time for baskets with stitching and making and creating and throwing ourselves into the creative process and not getting unhappy with the bitter weather, rather like a mini hibernation.  It is still a time for the warmth of quilts and red and white colours and enjoyment of this beautiful month. Soon enough it will be Spring and the weather will bring us out of our comfy, cosy days and with stitching in the beautiful sunshine and in our gardens, beach or the countryside by a stream.  I enjoy all our seasons and try and embrace each one with happiness and enjoyment.

Also today, as it is February, I will be cutting out little hearts for my jar of hearts.. it needs to be done! February is  for me a time to bake muffins and banana loaves to slice and have with cinnamon butter and a drop of cinnamon honey in my  herbal teas of an afternoon.  Spring is budding along the roadsides and in the forests and the year is beginning to unfold.

Thinking this morning in my chair here in my stitchery room, whilst cuddled into a vintage quilt and hot water bottle on my back and hands around my first cup of coffee of the day it occurred to me that I change things around for the seasons.  I like to have warm coloured quilts on the beds and change pictures around.  Christmas brings out Christmas sampler I stitched and so on.  Do I have a Valentine sampler? no I do not but I have time to make one for this year.  Not an elaborate or large one but a sampler never the less.  So I am going to set aside a little time to just doodle one out and see if I like it and to stitch it.   How remiss of me I thought and then my mind turned to hearts and my jar of hearts and so the seed was planted and the threads of my thoughts turned to fabrics and words.

Sometimes we can over think a design or a picture and really the simple ones are usually so striking and beautiful so it really should not take me that long to come up with something that will look pretty in our home every February she says! but of course there is the usual truffling to be done in the fabric and quilt pieces sections ... Oh maybe I was a bit too quick to say it should not take long, what I should have said was when I have chosen all the components for the little picture THEN it should not take me  too long ..

 Reds and whites are my favourite colouring for the Winter months and it is so Valentine so I think it will be lots of fun to create something that says Love because after all it is what makes the world go around or should do at least.
This is going to be a really fun project I feel and not too complicated and drawn out just simply like a shaker design with some meaningful words ... I am now going to be on the case!

This month although on the border of Spring can be a cold and bleak month so the best thing is to keep busy and make our home cosy, warm and inviting.  Gorgeous smelling candles can help they say a scent can evoke memories or indeed happiness.  Mine for this month is a light cinnamon and apple and reminds me of my Mums apple crumble .... so much so I had to make one the other day. I love
cream with mine but my husbands favourite is custard.

The other day I made some heart shape fire lighters with pine combs  in with a wick, I have winter spice scent in them and when I put one in the fire and light it the room gives out the most gorgeous aroma and with the fire blazing fairly quickly.  I enjoy making them when I can and made a batch of twenty four to keep us going over the next month.  Can you see the little wick at the front of the heart? it is so easy to light.

As you can see it is the month for hearts in this house with hearts in jars that I make out of old kilner jars and heart fire lighters, red quilts and cosy and warm.  I have a heart shaped large muffin tin as well so it will be time to make some of those for breakfasts as well.  The best thing to do in the darker and colder months of the year is to make our homes cosy, smell of baking and cinnamon and light candles and darker corners of our homes.  It fills us with happiness and makes these months less gloomy.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Think I will join you in eating cinnamon buns, sound jolly nice. I have been thinking of making a darned heart, think I will before the month is out

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      Cinnamon buns are my favourite treat!
      Sounds lovely a darned heart ❣
      I hope you have a lovely day and that you get time to sew.
      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. All sounds scrumptious and homely. X