Thursday 11 January 2018

Mixed media love ...

Design and creating is in my soul and
writing is like thinking through your
finger tips. Just one word can evoke
your imagination.


Back to my creative days has made me feel so much better, personally loving the darker days with all the candles and lights going.  Sat here early this morning watching the birds yawn awake and sit on the shepherd crooks singing with a warm drink in my hand and curled in my big vintage chair with a vintage quilt wrapped around me, I could feel the happiness and the ideas popping in my head.

In my working day I like to take time out for little things and take great pleasure in them.  Like being sat with a cinnamon tea in my hands and watching the birds whilst I drink it.

 So many times in my working days have I let a drink go cold because I have forgotten to look up from what I am doing to drink it, so now when I make it I stop for ten minutes and sip it whilst watching the little nature world that is in our garden.  The bulbs are bursting through but the phenomenon of this year is that my gorgeous tiny roses that smell like roses in our back garden has not stopped flowering, I kid you not!  It has budded and flowered since last May and is still at it now.  Through some snow and the frosts, high winds and rain that has been our weather here along the Dorset coastline they prevail and thrive!  I sit  and gaze at it and wonder, I know we have had severe frosts too and I remember thinking to myself ' oh the rose bush will suffer tonight' but no this beauty is hardy and has been a little bit of summer that still lives in a corner of our garden.   Which reminds me I must go to the book that I have pressed flowers in to see how they have done.  Contained in those pages of Little Women should be some of the roses I speak of, some buds and some flowers.  If you remember I picked them in before going away to America last year in October as I thought they would die off before I got back in November! ... Well they have told me! and had the last word!

I have a busy day today as I am also off to spend time with my Mum, who I have not seen very much of.  With this ghastly virus no one has thought it a good idea that me and my germs spread anything this awful there.  That said my Mum has had a chest infection and been unwell.  I have tried to talk to her on the phone as I have not seen her in two weeks but my voice was squeaky and she did not know it was me and got upset.... so this will be my first day to see her.  I am hoping even though my cough is still here with me that my sister and I can take her out for a lovely cup of coffee and a bowl of soup for lunch today, we will have to see how she is in herself.  Each day is different and I hope its a good day.  I have missed her face and her cheeky smile  so much.  So I have a long working day today as a 3 hours for lunch today has to be made up.  I started very early this morning and will work on a little but I am excited to be going to see her.  I will wrap up warm and enjoy being out for a while.

The re organisation of the desk is going well with just a few hiccups!  and yes in my head my desk was around twelve foot by twelve foot it seems!

I do not have to cut out on it as I always use our large dinning room table, it is a slight pain taking it all down stairs and then back up again but I tend to cut out a few bits rather than what is needed that
day.  I do an hour or so of cutting out on the mat and then put it all ready in a basket for use.  Its like my own time and motion study! Best use of time and getting bits under the belt and ready ...

I am feeling the cold right now and sit with a hot water bottle up my jumper on my back so its all cosy and warm, I do not know how I will survive going out today with out it but I will have to.  I have all the candles ready to light for when I get home and the fire just needs a match put to it and a basket of hand stitching has been placed by the chair.  I will get the kettle ready and my cup for when I get in and enough water in the kettle to fill my bottle too! you might giggle but its true I live with it right now.

Whilst putting bits away in my stitchery room from Christmas and dusting and moving bits about I was distracted by looking at some gorgeous vintage pieces of fabric and quilt pieces,  I love holding them they are so tactile and gorgeous and I wonder at the stories they could tell me if they were able. I would sit with a warm drink and listen intently!

Well the time is ticking away and I must get on with my busy day, it is so lovely to be back and I have missed you all.  It is good to have a break though and it seems you come back to writing with lots of ideas and things to say and talk about.

I hope that you all have a great day and are staying warm and cosy, that you are in the world of Hygge and are enjoying being back here for your vintage read.

See you tomorrow and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. My self imposed dates of getting started and finished have failed because of this awful flu buggy thing! I had to cancel seeing my dad yesterday too. Although he has dementia he still knows what day of the week it is and if its Wednesday he knows there is a visit from us. I wanted to get a few things done and finished before the end of January, but all I am doing is laying under a blanket and watching old black and white films and even that is getting boring!

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Morning Julie
      It’s a awful bug .. had mine for 3 weeks! ( not to scare you) .. I still have a barking cough and sore ribs!
      I think you just need to let it take it’s course.
      No good taking it in to the care Home.
      Going to see my mum today because I do not feel I have flu symptoms now .. just this cough! ..
      Take care and drink lots of warm drinks ..

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Glad you are on the mend Sarah, it does seem to have floored a lot of folks. Your reference to your dried flowers reminded me of my mum's- I am helping her declutter - no mean feat as she's been in that house for 50 years! Anyway, finding lost of amazing stuff which is of course leading to lovely reminiscing. One such is my mums flower collection from the 1947 all beautifully preserved and intact in a booklet she made to house them. In addition, a book about wildflowers at she received as a prize for the collection of flowers. It's beautiful. My mum was incredibly talented and it is so lovely to have so many reminders of her repertoire. Enjoy lunch with your mum and have a good creative day. I am busy stitching trying to put together some stock for an Etsy Shop. No idea if people will buy my stuff but I do want to give it a go! So lovely to have you back, I do so enjoy your delightful ramblings. Live, Mo xx

    1. Morning Mo!

      How utterly wonderful what a lovely piece of family history your Mum has created. I hope that is not in the declutter pile and is a keeper!
      I am so pleased you are going to do an Etsy shop and you must let me know its name when it is up and running. I can see you are now enjoying stitching on a regular basis. Enjoy!

      Thank you for your kind words it is lovely to be back rambling and heart warming to have been missed.

      Love Sarah xx

  3. Oh Sarah, you do sound so poorly. Hope you soon shake it off. I read somewhere that our immune system can be boosted by smelling a favourite scent, it might be twaddle but worth a try. Take care and hope you find your mum is better today xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes this flu bug has utterly floored me and has been weeks getting over it. I do feel better because even last week I could not have gone out. My husband is a bit worried it will put me back because I still have a really bad cough and sore ribs .. but I miss my Mum and she can not be explained to and must feel utterly abandoned.

      She would not talk to me on the phone because of my squeaky voice so there has been very little contact just messages to her via the staff.

      I am looking forward to having a coffee out with her if she is able and I am going to dress up very warm as it has turned foggy too.

      Thank you will try the scent thing, as you say it is worth a try.

      Take Care

      Sarah xxx