Friday 12 January 2018

Vintage fabric creative day!

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview
 of life's coming attractions.” 
Albert Einstein 

Ah! vintage fabric and cloth that holds memories and their own stories within their weave,  I love to touch it and gaze upon it and imagine its past and its future that I can add to its story with tiny stitches and hopefully add to its beauty once more!

Going through the beautiful fabrics has been wonderful and very much missed I found out yesterday ( I had not realised how much) I did not go to my stitchery room over the holiday to do any work, however it is the best view in the house for the back garden so I did on a few early mornings take my drink and hot water bottle with me and stare out at nature whilst the house still slumbered contently...

On one of those days my little Grandson joined me with his cup of tea and snuggled on my lap and under the quilt and sharing the hot water bottle... He looked out with me quietly and and I told him the birds names and all the things I think about and imagine, he smiled at me and said Nonna you love doing this don't you, and I replied yes darling ... he said I can see it in your eyes! .. My gorgeous old soul is only eight but boy he has a key to my heart too ....

In addition I would like to draw your attention to the beautiful three spools of silk thread in the photo on the left above. They were bought in France by my lovely friend from Devon for part of my Birthday present.  He has family that live out there and he went for a visit and was lucky enough to come across a street Brocante and saw these and bought them for me.  He tells me I would have hyperventilated as there were hundreds of them .... I can just see me struggling back on the plane with a suitcase full and my clothes binned in France to accommodate them ....

They are a beautiful blend of rose colours and I am going to have to use some for embroidery of delicate little flowers on a up and coming design... I will not use it all though as I would like to keep some forever.

I am thinking a bit of a trip over to this Brocante for a few days to see what I can see.  They are not bargain prices I have been told but if you are buying to use and not to sell on then well a few more would be great, so many colours to choose from apparently .... if I had a tail now it would be wagging!

Today I have noticed little snowdrops just starting to peek out of the earth in our garden with their
tiny bobbing white flowers that bow like they are shy ... they are a favourite of mine this time of year and it says to me Spring is around the corner in a matter of weeks. Although with this bitter weather at the moment Summer is still holding its ground in a corner ( my rose bush).

I love to pick some of the snowdrops and pop them in my snowdrop jug (its a Susie Watson design) and I can enjoy looking at them in the house.  They sit on one of the fireplaces but when I light the fire they are moved for the evening so they do not over heat.

The diary of events has started to fill up I am pleased to say and dates are coming in thick and fast for the new season of vintage fairs.  I will of course be sharing them with you on here in the next few weeks as the first is in February, lovely and early and we do not have to wait so long this year.

I will do that one and the ones I know of for March which includes a Vintage Bazaar date so be on the watch out for that towards the end of this month. If any of you know of a vintage fair and know ALL the details then contact me and I will add them to the list  ... first one is for February and March.

This week has flown by and of course it has been a short week for me with only starting back on Tuesday but never the less the time has gone way to quickly, this has been my slow start week with not much needle work being done as I have been faffing around with my sewing room a little but I do
like to get my works space just so and then I am able to get my creative head on and work well.

It has been such a cold week and it is set to stay with frosty mornings next week to come as well.  I will be sat by the fireside with my stitching and my note book just on the off chance that an idea or thought pops into my head and I can then write it down so as not to forget the thread of it.

I am hoping for a very productive week of staying in apart from visiting my Mum and really getting some slow stitching and calligraphy done.  I am excited with my designs to see them come together this year --- I feel I have a design book over flowing with some lovely things to make and share so watch this space over the next few months.  I am also going to be selling a couple of fabric and mixed media inspiration packs as well in the Spring when I get to sorting them so again keep an eye out for the little sale that I will be holding.

I have some good lengths of paisley fabrics and I want to make some ribbon from some of it and pop it on old cloths pegs for use.  I have a list of things to be done and it is a case of working through it in the next few weeks but mostly I have a need to create and that is my focus.

Words and some calligraphy are about to be tried and tested as well and in the words of one of my favourites and whom, if I could, would love to have to a dinner party here but it is impossible as you will see .....

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy
 of being called an idea at all.” 

Oscar Wilde

This idea of mine has got to be put to the test and I have several ideas on how it may, if I am lucky, work! I come up with all sorts of ideas and some work and some do not but hey design and creativity is not for the faint hearted is it...
There is some wax involved as well from a great little gadget called a hot sealing wax gun and some rather fine wax seals ..... must be careful not to burn my finger tips other wise sewing might be an issue next week ... that is if a key component actually arrives through the post today other wise the 'lets see if this works and looks as good in my head' will have to wait until it does.  As yet I am unsure about the wax part but all else will be good if it can work.

All that is left for me to say today is I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever you are up to, Keep very warm as it is bitter out there it seems to me.  Enjoy your weekend and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I didn't realise you were a Nonna, how lovely. It sounds as if you have plenty to do in 2018 x

    1. Hi Dawn

      Yes I am a proud Nonna, I do not put too much about my personal life on here as people are here to read stitchery and vintage things but I wanted to share that moment when I got that cuddle because being a boy and eight it is not too cool cuddling girls ... of course that will change soon enough and I will be chasing the girls away from him!!

      I have lots of things I would like to achieve this year and want to work very hard to getting them done.

      Hows your creating going? Hope you have a good day.

      Sarah xx

  2. Bit late reading this. Yesterday was a bad day because of the dreaded flu! I have a grandson, aged seven a lovely little boy.

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      They are a joy .. grandchildren!
      Hope you feel better soon
      Sarah xxxxxxx

  3. Lovely of you to share your moment with your wee grandson, who sounds delightful. I am so glad you will be selling some inspiration packs and cannot wait to see how your creations pan out. Take care, Love, Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo! Well it was lovely to share. Being a boy he is not about too many snuggles but I got him sleepy and early! Grin!
      Plus Santa was coming the next night so he was being good I suspect .. no really he is a old soul ..

      Take Care
      Sarah xxx