Monday 15 January 2018

Frosty mornings & Stitching.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

 J. R. R  Tolkien

Hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend and you are ready for your week ahead.  It is so very cold here and Jack Frost has left some beautiful patterns on the leaves of flowers and the tree bark in our garden.  I have braved it out there and got rid of the ice on the bird bath and put some more fresh but slightly warm water in there and the birds are enjoying their first warm drink of the day as well as me right now. 

They have their crushed nuts, pine kernels and mealy worms to munch on this morning and a treat of some blueberries as well to keep them going.  Miss Muddy Beak is today Miss Blue Juicy Beak and enjoying every morsel out there it seems....  Worms today are far from her mind.

I have my day planned out and it involves hand stitching by the fire and watching the flames make

patterns in the grate whilst I create, that is as far as I go this morning.  I think also there is going to be a little rain which only adds to the madness out there and makes the roads slippery so in I stay happily and am so grateful my commute to work is no more than walking down stairs today.

 The candles will be lit and its going to be a Hygee kind of a day. Plenty of cinnamon tea and I have some liquorice comforts that need eating up! they do honestly so there are some already in a little cup for me to have, they help me think of sweet things!

The hand dyed shaker threads had to come out early this morning as I was looking for a few threads that I needed and I have to admit to taking my time as I love going through them and looking at the hues of the hand dyed thread.  It has its own shading in it as the colour variation goes along the skein and it is stunning.  I was remembering our holiday in New Hampshire and going into Quilted Threads to see the lovely ladies that have become good friends over the last 10 years and picking up all my threads that I had pre ordered and a huge smile came across my face.  I could quiet easily pack within in hour and head off again, I love going to New England and there is talk of a revisit soon.   I really think I could live there ..... Although I would miss the vintage fairs too much .... but I could visit every year for a month and be more than happy.

I have my vintage quilt over me whilst typing this and of course my hot water bottle in my back which is making me very happy right now.  I am remembering to sip at my hot coffee and to look out of the window to see the antics of the chuckle brothers ( two one year old magpies) and they are fooling about in our elderflower tree right now and making me  laugh out loud! one is hanging upside down
squawking at the other it amuses me no end.  They are celebrating because I put out some bacon for them earlier and they enjoyed their breakfast as much as Miss Muddy!

Whilst I was rooting about this morning I found a little bag of fabric bits that I have drawn little hearts on and as yet not cut out for my jar of hearts so I have popped them in my work basket so that when the light really fades later and my stitching day is over, I can cut them out and pop them in the jar.

Do you remember this gorgeous length of grey lace trim with embroidery on it that I bought from Caroline Zoob about a year ago well I looked it out this morning as I think my design that I am working on could use some of this... I cut some of the plain part out for something else a while back and feel some of the scraps might do for something else I have in mind so that is now tucked into my ever growing 'things to do ' basket ...

My sewing room is taking shape with me sorting it out a bit and the space that I am in the middle of
creating is starting to look and feel good to me.  My sewing machine now lives down on the floor beside it so that it is easy just to lift it up to do any machine work that might be needed and I have a space then to either put my laptop ( which lives there as its used daily) or that gets put to one side and I have calligraphy and letter writing space or indeed the typewriter is brought across to use so as you see I am slowly getting my work desk in some sort of order.  I added a sticker that I bought in America to my wooded Windsor and Newton box (for inks) and it is a Harry Potter one that says ' I solemnly swear that I am up to no good' with little foot prints going along it .... it had to be done! with all the inks and quills it looks like it has always been there.

This is my first full week of work and blogs and its going to be a busy one.  I have made a list so that I clear my mind of ' I must not forget this or that' and its a case of just sticking to some sort of routine if possible and getting everything started and rolling.  My first thing of a morning is the warm drink and watch the birds whilst my laptop is firing up and doing its checks then of course its writing on here and taking photos daily.  Then after that there is everything else along with a good few hours slow stitching... the thing about working in your home is you can put a wash on or quickly clean the bath but you have to structure your day or you are all over the place and nothing actually get done.

My project baskets are starting to fill up a little and as I have been early morning rummaging around in my sewing room and seeing bits that would be great for some of my designs.  I have them in each particular basket and I can decide when I start to make, what is not used can easily go back but having it there to look at as I walk by them lined up makes my mind up somehow, almost like when you are painting a room and you do a few little samples on paper and stick them to the wall to keep looking at them in different times of the day when the light changes --- this is how I am with fabric, buttons and lace bits that I will or will not end up using.

Well for this Monday morning this is it for me and I am off to start my day.  I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings this morning and I will see you back here tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day and keep warm and cosy .... Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh I know what you mean, sort of getting myself back into a routine. I still have the runny nose part of the flu but I am feeling a lot better than I was, but some jobs that need doing can wait!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      So pleased you are feeling better, but you are right not to overload yourself... feeling better then you did does not mean completely well.

      Take Care
      Sarah xxxxxxx

  2. You are so kind to the birds Sarah. Hope you enjoy your Hygge day x

    1. Morning Dawn

      Well they have become my pets in a way. I do not have time at the moment for a conventional pet so they got the job! Lol

      Thank you you have a cosy day too.

      Sarah xx

  3. Now you see Sarah, that's my problem. Since I retired a couple of months ago I've not really gotten into a routine yet - decorating upheaval and then Christmas just threw me way off. I do need to get my act in gear I think. I totally agree with you also about New England - I would move there tomorrow. Hope you had a cosy day - love, Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo

      Well let’s move to New England on mass! What fun.

      Christmas can just take over for weeks! The calm of January is here so you can calmly think about your days now..

      Have a great day!
      Sarah xxx