Tuesday 16 January 2018

I count my day complete when I am sewing!

We have to trust our own choice after all, and end with
 the simple belief that what pleases us is beautiful.
Indeed, no other rule is of any use to us, and if we do but honestly
 please ourselves, and make forms which
genuinely give us pleasure, we shall find ourselves credited
 with the power of designing beautiful things. 

Richard Hatton

Yesterday turned out to be a productive day and I am pleased with what I achieved.  Sitting by the fireside and stitching for hours was really calming and cosy as well as busy and fruitful.  This cold dull weather we are having affords me the candle light and fairy lights and the warmth and glow of the open fire.  With a quilt over my knees and a basket full of stitchery at my side I am one happy and contented worker.

After I finish work for the day I am going to either be sewing around little hexagons and diamonds for the Winter Star wall hanging ( as I am now calling it because I am not doing the full bed version) or I am at my desk writing letters to my Happy Mail pen friends or doing Calligraphy ( which is used in Happy Mail too) .... I have found a balance that is suiting me right now.  My husband is not a 9 to 5 worker and his day starts at around 5am and he is not in before 8pm so I tend to be doing until he gets home when we then sit and have our meal and talk about our respective days .. he says my days are far more interesting then his!!.... I feel for him in this rather cold weather and he leaves home in the dark and returns in the dark this time of year.

 In the Summer months we are able to have dinner in the garden and I light the BBQ and we cook on there and sit.  In these Winter months it is by the fire and at the table or our meal in a bowl evenings it is by the fireside and on our laps, which we do enjoy and it thaws him out too.

My stitchery room is cosy after work and I can sit at my newly (nearly finished) desk design and I
can create with candles going and look out at the fairy light lanterns all twinkling in the dark.  The birds are all in their nests but I still love to look out at the pretty lights .... Or as I say sat by the fire with my patchwork going ... my early evening is far calmer and cosy than my poor husbands commute home to me.

I bought two sets of little battery operated star lights when I was in America, one set is for the little bottle brush Christmas tree that goes on top of my old vintage tin carriage and the other is for my desk and I am trying to decide where and how to wrap them around something so they twinkle of an evening when I am here.  This will be the last thing I do when my desk is finally sorted but I keep going to them as I want them up so much... they may even go on the window sill in front of me when that is finally sorted as I would like it ...

Journals are my other thing and I keep them for all sorts of things as you all know by now.  It is strange because my husband bought me the most beautiful Aspen leather journal two Christmases ago and I have not used it yet.  We were discussing it last night and he asked why ... I said I want it for something really special and I do not know what it is yet.  Maybe I will transfer all my quotes and sayings in it and then put little comments in there ( for future generations) it is such a beautiful journal in its own box with shear tissue paper that opens up like turning a book page to reveal this most stunning of stationery ... I think I am a little scared of starting it but that will never do as I am a believer you never save anything for best ... who knows
what is around the corner.  Live each day to the full that is my motto in life.

So this is something I need to have a good think about and start to use and right now the quotes and sayings are the best idea I believe as the little journal they are in right now is not a great one and more like an jotter really .... The other idea was family tree things to right out some stories that I have been told by my parents and what I have found out .  It may well be this is the idea that will win out but whatever one it is, it needs to be addressed.

My sewing basket is ready to go and I managed to relight the fire this morning so it is happily awaiting me to snuggle down to a good few hours of sewing.  Tomorrow I want to have a morning of going through my design journal and my notes and ideas book that I started when I was in America last year.  A cinnamon tea will have to be made and there are still a few liqorice comforts to munch on Oh happy me ( that will be later in the day as it it too early for sweeties just yet!

Well the light is now getting better and I can hear and see the birds calling for their breakfast, I did not fancy going out when it was dark this morning with my torch.  It was cold and icy and just starting to spit rain it seemed to me on the window so now it is time to answer their singing and chirping and get the kettle on once more before I start in earnest.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and you stay warm, dry and cosy and I will be back here on Thursday morning bright and early.  As always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh your day sounds wonderful. I too have started my crafting and remembering your wise words yesterday, I may feel better I do need to still keep resting, well that's my excuse and did!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Morning Julie

      I am glad you are taking it easy. I have had this since beginning of December and it went for a few days then returned in Force. I still have a cough and my voice is squeaky ! I feel better in myself but tired.
      If I can stay in I do. If I go out I dress up warmly.
      Enjoy creating and stay cosy!

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Love your Shaker box and trug Sarah. Keep warm x

    1. Thank you Dawn! .. I love the Shaker items💖 xx

  3. I do love the little phrase you opened with today Sarah and found it quite encouraging. I am getting back into my stitching again and finding my style, by experimenting and the thing I struggle with is self belief. The saying is so true - make what you believe to be beautiful and have faith. Thank you! Love, Mo xx

    1. I am so pleased Mo, if you love it so will others.. let your work speak fo it’s self!

      Enjoy creating..

      Sarah xx

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