Monday 22 January 2018

January in slow stitches!

Some may wonder if hand sewing with its
seemingly endless stitches, has a real place
in today's busy home.  Just a comfortable place
like a rocking chair in a nursery.

Sarah Howard Stone.

The love of slow stitching is a common thread that I share with most of you that read this blog, other wise I am sure you would not be reading this.  It is a process where, in my humble opinion, we mingle with the weave and thread and our love of stitching and designing of a piece actually sinks into the fabric and that is part of our joy.

January is a great month to sit and stitch because it is a bleak month other wise, after all the excitement of Autumn and Christmas it seems to be a bare month so making ourselves cosy and happy and creating something beautiful and breathing new life in to pre loved and pre owned fabrics and notions makes for much lovelier few weeks.

Words too I enjoy and it could be why I love writing this blog four times a week. Slow stitching, sketching, calligraphy, writing and truffling are on my top 10 things to do along with reading as well.

Even one word on a piece of work can change it and how people look at the piece you have created. I love the poetry of a word or a sentence and I have a little journal full of quotes from people whom inspire me, ones I have written myself and just the odd word that opens up my imagination to a design or idea for one at least.

The enjoyment I get from creating is enormous and keeps me happy and content, it is a bad day when I can not settle to picking up a needle because normally it is where I go in my head when stitching and it is a very happy place.  Who would not love to create with such wonderful old fabrics, buttons and threads. It is a privilege what I do every day and I try never to forget that.  Going into an office or a shop and working away from home now I think I would crumble.  I enjoy working at home and simply love my job.

In addition I really love writing on here and I am so thankful for all your comments both on here and on my Homespun FB page , feedback is so good and it keeps me going so please always feel free to leave comments either a short something or a long chatty one... I too enjoy a read you know. <3

Now lots of you who read this blog then go over to the Facebook page and leave comments, you can of course leave them on here save going back and forth but what ever you are comfortable with, I go to both pages and read what is written and reply.

I got distracted over the weekend and stitched up some tiny little hexagons with papers and vintage
fabrics.  I couldn't help myself as my husband was doing something and I actually went into my sewing room to look out at the birds in the garden because I had just fed them for the second time that day as they are so very hungry right now.  Anyway I then saw the tiny hexagon papers and thought Oh I will just cut a few out and before I knew it I had cut and stitched ten of them!! but it did not end there I then went on to make the tiniest of pumpkins as well to go on to one of my old wooden spools and it is out of the most beautiful fabric paisley and it is so diddy and when I was sat there looking at my little pile of loveliness my husband came to find me to see what I was up to and I said to him ' you have finished' and 'yes' was his reply.  Then he said have you just made that all and looking sheepish I said yes and I only came in to watch the birds feed..... honestly if he was working on a Saturday I would have something to say to him with his hours he already keeps but I suppose sometimes I do not feel it is work, just a love of mine.

The pumpkin I used gorgeous vintage thick thread to stitch around the pumpkin and when it is pulled in tight it actually makes the pumpkin shape.  I now want to make a whole patch! and its only January.

This very cold weather we are experiencing ( not cold to some of you reading this in Canada or America I know) but cold for us with bitter winds and hale and frost and we have had some heavy snow fall in parts of the UK and Ireland.
Well with the cold and the dark early evenings sat with the candles going and design/sketching or some sewing or writing it really helps lift the Winter blues.   It is another bitter day here on the South Coast of England and I still have my cough I am afraid and to be honest not lots of energy.  I can not remember when I last went for a walk so I set out over the weekend but the cold air just made me cough and cough .... that idea was abandoned until it warms a little or indeed my cough goes away.

Normally this time of year I love beach combing and finding what treasures the sea gives up because of the stormy winter seas that churn, all sorts of treasure gets washed up on our shore line but I honestly could not do it so it is light the candles and stitch....

Well that it is for today I hope you have enjoyed your read and as I say feel free please to comment and of course stay warm and cosy and Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hexagon sewing - great minds but mine are giant three inch ones. I have some tiny hexagons which I will play with with the leftover fabric. Definitely a slow stitching month, I'm off back under the blanket as I have just had a filling, and really do not like going to the dentist, even though our dentist is really patient and kind, feeding our garden feathered friends first too. Will you be doing the bird survey?

    Julie xxx

    1. Hello Julie
      Something about hexagon sewing! I love it.
      I have applied to the bird watch but not received my pack yet ! Eek..

      Anyway you snuggle under the blanket and keep warm.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. It all sounds sublime Sarah and I do so love the little itsy bitsy pumpkin - how cute are they!! I can imagine a bowl full of them. Hope your cough goes soon and the weather improves enough for you to get out. Mo xxx

    1. Morning Mo

      Thank you I have fallen in love with the tiny pumpkins made of vintage paisley. I feel a whole patch of them coming along..... I am deliciously addicted!
      The cough is holding its own and now I have hurt a toe on my left foot!! think its a break as well....

      Weather so not nice out there. I only go out at the moment when I visit my mum and truly have to.

      Take care and nice to hear from you.

      Sarah xxx