Monday 6 November 2017

America thank you! ... what a trip.

Autumn paints in colours
that the Summer has never seen.

Especially in New England...

Hello All I am back ! - well I have been for 4 days but I just needed that time to re acclimatise to this British clock not the  American one .  To say we had a most wonderful time is an understatement.  Also we have come home and our wonderful friend is here already from Australia so the coming back was exciting as well..... I am normally so very sad to leave and this year was no exception.  There are always tears in my eyes boarding the plane but with our Australian friend already here and waiting and the adventures we will have and the long nights at weekends snuggled by the fire catching up on all our news and laughing, well it was not as bad somehow.  So much to talk about and catch up on with each other with a glass of wine in our hands.  I have planned if the weather is dry we will sit outside with the fire pit and blankets some evenings, lots to do and lots to chat about round the fire outside and under the moon and the stars...

My full and detailed travel journal will help me when I tell you of some of our adventures and of stitchery things I looked at and found both old and new. Photos to look back on and to share. I hope you made your warm drink because today's blog will not be a particularly short one, not sure how to condense our adventure to my normal amount and I will try not to bore you. It may will be over a few blogs.

I have a sketch book with lots of ideas that I had whilst in America as well and I am most eager to start threading a needle again this week and start sewing, but first let me tell you about our wonderful adventure.
Oh my now where to start .......

Well our first stop was Henniker in New Hampshire and this is home to some delicious things.
Firstly the Fall leaves were breath taking and the first morning at breakfast looking out over the river with the trees of all colours lining the banks was enough to make me feel like a child and to hurry breakfast and get out there.  It was unusually warm as well so when some of the leaves fell into the river and the sun was dancing along them they looked like precious jewels floating along.

Our first day had been planned and the morning was spent catching up with great friends in the most wonderful quilting shop called Quilted Threads.  I was able to hug some wonderful ladies who have become great friends over the years of us going and of course they had ordered in my precious hand dyed shaker threads for me.  There they were in all their beautiful glory and with natural hues contained within each skein.  Being hand dyed with natural ingredients they are naturally variegated so to be honest with you they are easy to use and the shading
is done on its own in a way.

I bought some other bits in this gorgeous shop but that will be later in the week for you. Anyway back to the threads, just take a peek at these.  The story about the pumpkins you see is this.  In the next leg of our adventure we were in Cape Cod and the church in the town we were staying in had a pumpkin sale on its front lawn and I bought these little darlings there so that I could take photos of my threads.  Those pumpkins came to every Inn we stayed in and I finally had to donate them to the last place we stayed in, in Boston.  I wanted to take the photos for you ready for my first blog today and to be honest I so wanted some pumpkins!!!

If I looked at these threads at least 40 times along my travels I would not be surprised.  I was thrilled with them and the colours that I choose.  The names of them get to me as well I just love them and of course the thread is A* quality and beautiful to work with as well.

I must just say it is so strange sat in my sewing room and writing this to you all, there is no Miss
Muddy beak going about her business or any other bird for that matter, you see it is black outside! With the clocks changing the mornings are dark.  So it will only be as I am finishing my blog from now on that the birdies will be getting there breakfast and busy in the garden. 

So some of the delicious names are Oatmeal, Cornhusk, Parchment, Straw Bonnet, Buttermilk, Sea Spray, Summer Shower, Holly Berry, Tomato, Brick Path, and Old Covered Bridge to name just a few....

I had such a wonderful three hours or so with everyone at QT and I did pop in again before we left to
go on to Cape Cod.

After lunch we went in to Concord in New Hampshire and here is a great vintage place with lots of different people renting a space so we wandered around there for a few hours and I picked up a few bits too.  My favourite stall from the last time I left had gone to my upset but I still manged to pick up some lovely little bits .  Firstly I came across this little bundle ...A lovely trade card, four packets of buttons on there original card and a old Beatrix Potter book!  Happy was I .... I love making some cards with some buttons and pictured here is one from two years ago...

My prize procession from the vintage store was this wonderful old book and was printed in 1942, I
was thrilled with it and have not had much of a chance to really look through and read much but of course that will happen now that I am home.  I have gathered it is all to do with Nantucket so I really can not wait to settle down in front of the open fire and have a really good look and read.  There are some black and white illustrations as well and I have taken some photos for you to look at.

I have had just a brief look through and even when you open the book as you can see it gets you hooked straight away and you want to keep turning the pages ...

One little illustration of two ladies quilting has the words 'A rhapsody of patches from the rag bag of Nantucket' written underneath such a line makes you want to keep reading for sure.

The first chapter is entitled 'Crazy Quilts' and starts off with this ..
In the days when Nantucket was full of Quakers and the seas were full of Whales, patchworks were common as clam shells, but dear in the eyes of the ladies.

The hope chests began with pieces and patches, and baby girls sewed seams, and every Woman quilted.

In addition to that there is a rhyme as well that was said to be sung making quilts when you were unmarried and making your wedding chest quilts and more, for it was not good not to married by the time you were old and on the shelf (20 years of age!!!) ...

When fretted by this single life
that seems to be my lot.
I list the many men whose wife
I am glad that I am not !

That rhyme tickled me pink when I read the page and of course was part of the reason that I had to
purchase that book and bring it back for my ever growing collection of antique stitchery books, only this one is about the life of the ladies of Nantucket that stitched quilts ...

Then for my last purchase at this vintage shop in Concord was this box of very old Coats& Clark's threads in different shades of reds .. unused!  I could not believe my luck ad when I saw the price I could not believe that either. $7 yes that is correct which is about £5  so I was really and truly over the moon with these.

When I saw the box I was excited but thought there would be a few threads in there that had been half used and would not be full.  When I picked it up and gave it a little shake
there was no rolling about, I thought to myself its full!! .. but when I opened it up well my smile.

Look at this colour spectrum really something else and all original too.

That was straight in my little basket and off to show my husband who was looking at some antique American car reg plates .. he said he could see my face and he knew I had found treasure abound in my eyes!

I have just looked up from my screen and it is now daylight out there, how time flies.

This is just day one of our adventure and I have so much more to show you all this week so we will call this part one today.  I have lots of photography to do and unpacking of bags as well.

In addition I have to go see my Mum today as I have not seen her yet.  I just suffered so badly from Jet lag and could not understand why as I did sleep on my return journey all be it for 4 hours only.  By the time you board and then take off, get drinks and some food for some and you settle it was midnight American time.  We landed at 8.30 am in Heathrow but of course 5 hours difference and well it was just a few hours ... not sure if it made me feel worse.   My sister told me there is a huge change in her and to prepare myself so I am a bit churned up to be honest.

I doubt any stitching will be done today as there is so much to photograph and pop away.  Not all of which is vintage but some beautiful stitchery items never the less. I also want to spend some precious time with Mum and as I told you I have a my friend from Australia here for Christmas already and she is staying for a few months ..... That is great support for me I can tell you.  My gorgeous husband has gone back to work and today it is London ( it means a late night) so it is wonderful to have Jo here to sit in front of the fire with and talk to.

Our first day was perfect of our three week adventure and we had three glorious days in New Hampshire to look forward to.  Tomorrow I will tell you about our weekend there and the bits that I purchased. 

It is so lovely to be back on here and I hope that you have enjoyed a little read about our first day and the treasures that I found on the very first day of our adventure.

I hope you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you had the most wonderful time, and purchased lots of fabulous goodies. Looking forward to reading more

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie. Great to be back blogging .. waiting to create again . Hope all is well with you.

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. It all sounds wonderful and I love the patchwork book which reads so charmingly. Will be thinking of you and your mum and hoping your arrival will brighten her. Sorry to hear that there has been a change in her. Life is always full of joys and sorrows isn't it. Big hug x

    1. Hello Dawn

      Thank you for your kind words. I knew and was expecting a change but holding my breath a little at the prospect.
      From and early riser to 11 ish I have been told.
      Can not wait to create again too.
      Hope Monty and Skye are ok. Give them a huggle from me.

      Sarah xxxxx