Tuesday 31 October 2017

Happy Hallows Eve! ...

By the pricking of my thumb .......

Happy Hallows Eve to you all.  We will not be decorating this year but these photos are from our house last year with a Harry Potter theme...

I will miss seeing little miss bumble bee, who by the way is no longer 4 years old but coming up to nine! where have those years gone since an very excited four year old dressed as a bumble bee came up to our door in the rain with her Daddy and said trick or treat!  Oh treat for sure she was so cute, Daddy was driving her around the neighbourhood looking for people who had decorated their houses to knock on doors... she was adorable and today she is still so.

I hope you all have a wonderful time if you are out trick and treating with your children.  We are not able to decorate this year because of flying home and I would not expect our friend to do it in our absence , but I will be back with a blog to show you lots of photos of our trip with stitchery and more on Monday 6th November so I hope you all join me then.  It will be a fairly long blog I am sure so be sure to bring a warm drink with you and settle down for an adventure from New England and New Hampshire in the Fall .....

If I can get back here before I will but the jet lag and me are not friends returning to this part of the world.  I am hoping to maybe get back this week by Friday but to be safe I am sticking with Monday.  I hope our flight is a easy one and I am sad to be leaving this beautiful country and the lovely American people who have made our stay so delightful.  They have humour and kindness for us Brits and I have again made some new friends and caught up with so many of our longer term ones.  I could happily happily move here to this beautiful land of freedom and space to bumble. Thank you America and all its wonderful people.

I have missed being on here too and look forward to sharing with you our wonderful adventure and of course I have my journal to look back on I kept it up every evening and I am so happy that I made the time....

Lots of things to tell and show you happily and then it will be getting back to my work and stitching. 

See you Monday .....

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Happy Halloween Sarah. What an amazing time you've had and can't wait to see and hear about your stitchery treasures on here. Have a safe flight home ....don't fall off the broom lol xxx

    1. Hello Dawn
      Had a fabulous time and have all day today too. Broom fuelled and on run way .. baggage allowance iffy though’ ..

      Take Care

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. How wonderful! Can't wait to hear all about it Sarah and hope the trusty broomstick got you back smoothly. Jet lag is hellish - so hope you are recovered from that. Love, Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo

      Not good on jet lag and with being tired as well, had a great time and very full on.

      I will survive! lol

      Broom behaved beautifully!

      Sarah xxx