Tuesday 10 October 2017

Hand stitching and Design Day -

Winter is an etching,
Spring a watercolour,
Summer an oil painting,
and Autumn a mosaic of them all!

Stanley Horowitz

I have set up my work table and it is fairly bare and most things are away in their places ready for a

clear start upon my return to work.  Today though I am going to be continuing in my design journal so that is out along with my water colours and some pencils and a putty rubber.  I am set up for the day or at least a few hours of work as I am doing a few last minute things around the house and yesterday I finished cooking for our freezer.  I like to get a few home cooked meals ready for when
we return home and the jet lag has the better of me.  I can manage to take out a lasagna from the freezer and then later pop it in the oven ...  I have been cooking chili, cottage pies, lasagne's , beef stew and made sure there are sausages in there ready ( sausage and mash or a cassoulet  always goes down well) ... Being that it will be November I have plumped for warming winter dishes.

I always think of my husband and his hours he works and when he comes home from his long day, with leaving in the dark and returning in the dark, then I like to think he walks in to the open fires alight and the smell of something lovely in the form of one bowl meals ....

Yesterday I really enjoyed my day of thinking, pondering and sketching along with writing down ideas to be able to continue today. Also some more embroidery of the needle case.

In addition I decided that possibly ribbon closure would be best for my needle case as I have been enthusiastic as to what it will contain I think! with a button popper I think it might pop open all the time.  That said buttons will feature on there anyway .. it has to be done1

I really do not think it will be finished before we go but this lady is trying her best but without rushing and ruining it. So it is a bits and bobs day and my last day of working in my room as well.  It is ok there are blogs all week.... I just wanted to stop today as far as stitching is concerned  so that I can  also will be visiting my Mum a few times before we fly as well.  I have told her I am going to
America and when she sees me at the moment she does not remember. that I have told her anyway.  I think I tell her for my own piece of mind like I tell the birds that it will not be me feeding them! All oblivious to it but it makes me feel better that I have said it out loud!!

 My sister and my Mums  sister will be frequent visitors in my absence but she enjoys my sister and I together the most.... She is in a beautiful place with amazing staff and they know I am struggling with this but have assured me my Mum really will not know how long I have been gone and to have a huge rest ... so I will.

In our garden our roses are still budding and I have lots of sweet peas as well as foxgloves, its really strange.  It is like Spring has popped up to say hello to Autumn! The leaves are all red out there and it looks like Autumn yet in parts its Spring too... I do not know what weather we will get in New England so I have decided to layer.  Its the only way.  T-Shirts for hot days but should it be colder then a long sleeve T-Shirt under them.  Thinner jumpers and cardigans and both flip flops and warmer shoes with sock ... Think I have covered it all just in case.  I popped in some gloves too as my hands get cold if it is cooler - great for pastry making !

Then it has been the evening wear for dinners out as we are going to some lovely restaurants in NY
and Boston where it is more dressy so dresses have been packed too... I am done basically.

I have decided on a cross stitch pattern that I would like to do so that is in a basket in our lounge so that this week I can at least start it before we go and it is something to work on through the Winter evenings along with stitching up so of my hexagons for my Winter Star wall hanging.  With our lovely friend Joanna here I am not sure how much I will get done but there will be evenings when she is with her Aunt and not here or other friends so it will be something for me to pick up and put down when time permits.  I can not just sit and do nothing at all. I am a terror.  I do not stitch when we are watching a film or one of the series we like to watch but when my husband is watching a car related something I am happy to stitch but be with him....

I have changed around some quilts here and throws and put new candles out for our return so that it is all cosy and warm.  The log baskets are filled just in case it has turned cold in our absence and we can Hygge down tired but happy.

Well that is it for today and I will see you back here on Thursday as normal this week.  Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I'm always making warming meals for two days. One to eat now and one for the freezer, unless its curry, one for one day one for the next they say curries are better a day old and its true!

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Morning Julie

    Yes I think they are too. I think making batches of suppers is a great way to go!
    Hope you are well.

    Sarah xxxxx

  3. Oh I do wish that I was as organised as you ladies.