Tuesday 3 October 2017

Tiny Autumn leaf stitching ....

A Fallen leaf is Summers
wave  goodbye...

This morning early sat in my comfy chair in my stitchery room and sipping at my large cup of coffee I was staring out of the window and watching all the birds having their breakfast, today they had a treat because they had a bunch of our grapes from the garden to pick at and the robin and Miss Muddy Beak were making short work of them....

In addition to watching the world go by I had my list out and was going through it and ticking off what I have done and of course adding to it as the thoughts entered my head.  I have to say I am now making good progress on the lists.  

Then I got distracted sorting out the little Autumn leaves I have been cutting out for stitchery work and I decided that those will be what I work on today, to me it seems that kind of day.  I have the candles going and I feel all cosy and happy in my work room.  I can keep going off and doing something at the moment and then coming back to my slow stitching, the joy of having caught up on my deadlines means there is  nothing at the moment that has a urgent expiry date and I can flit from one creative pursuit to another and it is very enjoyable indeed.  Some days out in our garden it is still like a warm Spring day and that is why I think some of the plants are confused, certainly foxgloves and lupins that are going for a second show after dying off and my roses are unbelievable this year ...

Never the less Autumn is here, the leaves are changing colour and are a stunning crimson and
gorgeous dark greens and oranges.  They line our back border in the garden.  It makes my heart sing to be honest because the palette of colours is outstanding, more so this year than the last few.

Mr Squirrel is busy, very industrious today and is loving the acorns that I pop out there for him.  There is a very large oak tree along our road but further by the sea and I go along there and pick up acorns and the little acorn cups for me to craft with but Mr Squirrel has the spoils of my treasure and I pop around 10 or so out there daily right now.  He can not believe it with his peanuts in the shells as well it keeps in busy running about and very industrious indeed.  So funny to watch and he has now been fondly re named to 007 Squirrel because he is up and about and dangling in all sorts of places.

It is now October and my excitement builds as it will not be too long now.  So much to look forward to over the next few months and even January things are not going to be dull here.  It is true there are no Vintage Fairs for a few months and everyone is taking a break but I have my stock cupboards full and I will have great fun designing and painting things.  I choose to have my first cup of coffee in my stitchery room daily and adore the view to the garden where there is so much of nature just there going around its daily life and it makes me feel happy to have that time to ponder.

I went in the garden earlier and picked some of our daisies from our border the pink and white ones and they are so pretty.  I have now wrapped them in kitchen roll carefully in a row.  Then I press down on them to make them flat and in the right position to press.  They are now in a vintage book and back in the bookshelf, which is tight to stay there until my return.  I think something with these in will be lovely and I already have some ideas written down in the journal.

Can you see the most lovely colours of their dear little petals.  I wanted to preserve them.  Soon they will die back and have a Winter snooze until next year so I wanted to be sure to get some in from the garden to press before that happens. 

I would like to add them to a mixed media sampler that I have the perfect very old frame for and I think they will fit in perfectly with my idea that I have. 

For today though I am going to be doing some cutting out of leaves and some fabric is crying out to be cut in to teeny hearts for my jar of hearts .. which I have had a wonderful china label made for it as well that simple reads 'jar of hearts' ... perfect.

I have some sorting to do in one of my small drawers that has got a bit jumbled and I have things to keep me happy and content for today.  I also have to write a piece for publication so there we have my day mapped out for me.  It should keep me out of mischief ... with any luck and a fair wind!

I hope you all have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Pretty flowers for pressing. Love to see them after they're pressed

    Julie xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Will do, I will open book up in November and take a photo .

      Sarah xxx