Friday 10 November 2017

With my needle and thread.

Sewing mends my soul
one slow stitch at a time..

You know now that the Winter is saying hello, the mornings are very chilly and we sometimes have a
sea mist that rolls across and dances over the garden.  I go out and brave the weather to feed our beautiful birds that are very hungry this time of year and then get back inside to my warm and cosy Stitching room and sip my first cup of coffee of the day. They are being fed later as it is now dark at 6.15 ish... I am sort of missing the light mornings and looking out at the birds whilst typing the blog.

This is my quiet time when I look and stare out of my window and watch the wildlife and do my pondering before I start my day.

My needles and threads are ready and I have decide which project basket gets picked up for the days work. It is a favourite part of my day and I know I am so lucky not to have to be outside in the Winter weather and rushing to an office to work anymore.  My commute is from downstairs to up and its cosy with candles going and the Hygee of my stitching room inspires me to be creative.  It is my happy place and I know how lucky I am to be doing what I do and where I do it.  With my needle and thread I am then ready to do some slow stitching.

It has been a strange first week back as I have spent much time with my Mum.  The change in her was very noticeable and also we moved her to a larger room so that her two seat sofa could go in.  In addition she has double doors with a patio so she can have bird feeders there and feed the squirrels that are there.  It has been a further adjustment but we could not say no to the offer we had from her
Care Home of this room.

So not any stitching has been done but that will change next week.  Also I have my friend from Australia over and for all of Christmas and at least January/February so we have been catching up on all sorts and laughing until we can not breathe!.  The great thing about great friends is that we are happy in each others company.  She likes to read and do puzzles and I can sit by the open fire with her and stitch it is a win win situation for us.... together in the same country and in each others company doing what we both enjoy with some chit chat and laughter along the way.

I have some sorting out of my stitchery room to do today and photography to complete.  Popping things away and getting ready for a proper start to my working week on Monday.  I have given in to it and stopped worrying about it.  My Mum needed me and therefore, I will be there.  I am not able to creative in my space if its a bit messy so today I am all about that, then Monday it is needle and thread time.

There are two vintage fairs that I am going to attend this month one on the 24th November, which is the Love Lane Vintage fair in West Sussex at Cowdray and the other is the fabulous Vintage Bazaar which is on the 25th November in Devizes.  I am very much looking forward to going and to meet up with some friends that I have not seen for a while.  The last fair was September for me and I am missing the friendships and being surrounded by gorgeous vintage treasure!

I must say I got a shock today when looking at the calendar as I could not believe how close Christmas actually is! I am so pleased I did some Christmas present shopping in America and I have
to admit I did an Amazon order as well yesterday evening and it made me feel better that I have started.   I think I might try and write some of my Christmas cards next week one evening and then that will be one thing that I have done.  Where has this year gone, I really can not believe it.

I am pleased to report also that I have seen Miss Muddy Beak and Mr Fat Robin this week and it cheered me that they came back when I fed them.  I have missed them and I told them so.  Honestly if the neighbours could hear me they would phone someone!!

Well that is it for today I have lots to sort out and do so I will see you all back here on Monday morning and hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Lets hope the sun shines for us.  Keep warm.

And as always .... Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sarah, your mum's new room sounds lovely and how wonderful for her to be able to feed the squirrels and watch the birds, nature is such a balm to the heart and mind.
    Such a pretty piece of patchwork.
    Good to hear that Miss Muddy Beak and Fat Robin are still dropping by for breakfast. Xxx

    1. Morning Dawn

      Yes thank you my sister and I thought it would be great but it has unsettled her, that said this is the final destination as far as rooms go so we are hoping she will settle. We can put our own curtains in there so we are taking her to choose next week. This will make her happy. There is a changing of the quilt then too... Christmas reds!

      Miss Muddy and Mr Fat are back and now every morning ... happy me.

      You are so right nature is a balm for the heart and mind...

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. You will make her new room so comfy and homely that I am sure it won't take your mum long to settle. I remember how difficult it was to try to make the right decision about things but I think you have. Xxx

  3. So good to have you back Sarah and enjoying hearing all.about your grand tour. We are going to both the fairs on 24 and 25th so hopefully grab a coffee at one of them. I am glad that despite some changes, all went well with your mum. Mo xxx

    1. Hello Mo!

      Hope the retirement is going well and you are being creative and happy with days that you can sit and stitch.

      How wonderful I will look out for you both and a coffee catch up would be amazing.

      My Mum has taken time to settle with changes but it is going fairly well, certainly she is loving the garden and the wildlife she can now see from her sofa.

      See you on 24/25!

      Sarah xxx

  4. So pleased to hear your mum is happy in her new room/surroundings. Looking forward to seeing you at The Vintage Bazaar next Saturday. xx