Thursday 16 November 2017

Vintage red fabrics and Christmas Samplers....

Christmas stitching with
red and white fabrics and
the smell of cinnamon cookies
baking in the oven.

It has started in our house, the pre build up to Christmas.  Things are getting done. Slowly this week the beds have been transformed and now little things have started being sorted.   In our dinning room there is no main centre light and I have a hanging wicker basket that is a cone shape.  Filled with large glass balls and candles around it.  Yesterday it was all cleaned and decorated ready for December... My little light up tree in there has been divested of Autumn and is now ready for our Ice Skaters to adorn it.  Little shelves have been scrubbed and moved about in anticipation of further pretties to join them and the excitement is beginning to build.

With open fires daily to keep us all warm and to bring cheer the dullest and coldest of days it actually feels Chrismasy ... The picture above features the Christmas sampler that I stitched last year, well finished this one but I love the sentiment and the tiny houses and church with string and ornaments along the village.  

I have a small basket of hand stitching to do and of course this contains some Christmas trees and some red and white fabrics to stitch some bits with. I have had fun looking through my fabric stashes to find little bits of delightful red and white fabrics ...
This is the time of year I love to design Christmas samplers because inspiration is all around and everywhere you go now.  Its the build up for me I love it so much and enjoy it.  Some people I know say its too early but I think with all the prep that goes into most our homes and gift buying, shopping, cleaning and wrapping ... it can not be just for one day.  I like it done and to sit and enjoy the pretty wrapped gifts under the tree, the extra twinkling lights and the whole atmosphere and smell of Christmas spices and cinnamon.

Lots of cookie baking and several batches eaten on the run up because you really can not beat a cinnamon cookie with a warm drink and you also can not really fit one in on Christmas day itself so these are the build up goodies we have here.

Little favourite and precious memories come out when we start to decorate and both my husband and I are sentimental creatures.  We have a little ceremony for fat robin, not the one that visits us daily you understand but the one that his late Godmother gave to him before I even met him.  He comes out every year we say hello to him and them my husband chooses where in the tree he will peek out from and people actually come in and look for him now .. its a bit of fun and a great remembrance for my husband as well.

Each ornament has a little story of where we bought it or some such and it is very much a journey down memory lane, sometimes a little sad and sometimes laughter but that is Christmas.  The picture on the left was taken last year of one of the skaters that go on our tiny tree in the dinning room and when they all get unwrapped, Christmas is on its way.

As you can see the mood is festive here at Homespun HQ and the fire once again is alight and the atmosphere is full of cheer.  So I need to design another Christmas Sampler and do some serious slow little stitching, and over the weekend as well.

After the little village sampler of last year this one might involve Christmas trees with a whimsical twist so lets see where my doodles take me today.  I am also off to see my Mum for a while with my sister and her new room has become a hit! we are pleased to say.  She is loving seeing nature and she also loves that her sofa and chairs are there to sit and look out in comfort.  Today I am taking a Christmas red quilt for her bed to swap over.  It will look really lovely when we have finished.

I hope you all have a fabulous day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Beautiful Christmas sampler Sarah, you're so talented.
    Lovely to hear that your mum now loves her room. I wish it would snow for her so that she has a magical scene for

    1. Hi Dawn
      Oh me too! Fingers crossed.
      Thank you for kind words, i am pleased with samplers ..


  2. I agree with Dawn, what a delightful little sampler. We are simply racing towards Christmas this year aren't we. It seems to have just happened! I've been busy making little things for a couple of craft fayres and I must say that's really made me appreciate how close it is. Hope you had a good visit with your mum. Mo xx

    1. Hello Mo
      Thank you. What have you been making? Are the craft fairs near you in Scotland?

      Had a great visit with Mum she was very cute yesterday.

      Have a wonderful day.
      Sarah xxx