Tuesday 28 November 2017

Winter preparation and stitching.

“What good is the warmth of summer, 
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” 

John Steinbeck

What a dark morning here as I am up early, but it promises in the forecast to be a sunny day which will be great for today, not only to sort photos but take some as well. It has turned so very cold here and I am keeping a lookout for some snow....

Well best laid plans and all that, yesterday did not go as I had hoped and therefore I did not get to sort the photos of the weekends fairs I am afraid.

Mum has not been very well the last week and we had a scare last week with her when she would not wake up, she was a little yellow and had a waxy skin feel.  To say we were very worried is a understatement.  Well having forced a doctor to her ( yes forced as they thought going to a care home to see only ONE patient was a bit tiresome it seems, yes I did go mad and yes the doctor did go IN THE END) she has been a little better in her intake of both fluid and food.  She however is giving up in our eyes that much is apparent and so very sad for us.  Well as you can imagine anything that needs attention to do with her right now comes first and yesterday was one of those days I am afraid.

The light was bad yesterday and it was a cold and very dark day so when I had done what I needed to do and wanted to do I just sat by a fire and did a little slow stitching, only my heart really was not totally in it.

So I set about my sewing room getting things sorted with project baskets for the long Winter months ahead of me.  I wanted to count what hexagons and triangles have been cut and I am behind on it so
needed to sort some fabrics to cut for that basket.

I looked through my holiday journal  that I took to write down ideas for some future projects and patterns and got things ready to start sketching the ideas out so it turned out to be a more productive later afternoon and evening.

I have today and tomorrow where I am here and do not have to go anywhere it seems and I am looking forward to pottering around here and getting some jobs done.

Now how is everyone getting along with Christmas?  I have a mound of presents to wrap it seems to  me and they are in the corner of my sewing room so I want to get on with those so that I can get to one of my cupboards.  I can see a wrapping afternoon in my crystal ball and then I can get some order back in here.  I know some people (sorry but especially men) moan about how early Christmas starts but there is so much do do I really need theses three and a bit weeks to do everything.  The work that goes into hosting those few days and I like to sit and enjoy Christmas Eve and not be running around the shops then, I do not know what you think.

In our garden the birds are getting through lots of feed and love the crushed peanuts and mealy worms very much.  The fresh water I fill daily too.  Mr Fat Robin is there all the time and is so really very tame and my much loved Mrs Muddy Beak.  They are like pets to me now and I look for them daily.  They bring a huge smile to my face.  Indeed I get it from my Mum as with her new room and the view of trees and gardens she is seeing great wildlife when we get her cosy on her sofa.  I tell her all about the adventures that go on in our garden and she listens and smiles.

Well that is it for me today I have a list and I need to get some things done, including photo sorting and taking when the sun appears ( fingers crossed) I would also like to get some little stitches in as well.

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hugs re you mum. Glad you stood your ground, think you have to sometimes, but you shouldn't need to as the doctors motto is "do no harm". The doctor was probably reluctant because she didn't have your mum's notes but the care home should of had some.......

    It was dark and dismal here yesterday too. I want to start my next grand-daughter's quilt, but just do not feel like it, don't see why I shouldn't as the blocks are going to be bright flowers.

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie, Mum is moving up a stage apparently so we are fazed by it but the care is not. However she has been poorly on top of that too. The Doctors have done this often at this care home and it is not that far away in a car, around 5 minutes... lets just say they will have no more trouble and residents will be seen from now on in.
      I will bounce back to me very soon.
      Enjoy quilt making the sun is out now here, hope it is where you are. It is cold though so a great craft to be doing inside and cosy.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear about your mum's deterioration Sarah. Take care lovely lady and message me those dates we spoke about xxx

    1. Thank you Lizzie, it is what it is and I should expect it but it does not come easy never the less.

      Will do about dates and look forward to it.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Morning Sarah,
    So sorry for your mum's health situation. As you know, I know this unfortunate problem too well. I had to fight all the way. Glad she is now a bit brighter.
    I started my Christmas shopping ages ago and I'm pleased I did. The time will run away with us now x

    1. Hello Dawn

      Yes Mum is slipping a little but no more Doctor problems, I think I made my feelings very well known how I believe they should conduct themselves when people ( even with Dementia) are ill.

      Yes Christmas preps will have to take a front seat soon here over stitching, I can not believe how time has gone so quickly from our holiday to Christmas in less then a month.

      I am pleased I did lots of shopping in America.

      Sarah xx