Tuesday 21 November 2017

Cosy Stitching ! ....

Needles threaded and ready.
Fire ablaze and a warm drink
on the table.  Twinkling fairy lights
and candles burning gently.
Its a cosy stitching kind of a day.

Another wonderful day here between my stitchery room and my cosy chair by the fireside.  Cold hands do not make for good tiny stitches and it is wonderful curled up with sewing on your lap and a project basket by your side. 

Three little fabric mice who I believe have been investigating the dried cranberry slices that I have put in the bottom of our glass hurricane lamps ...( I need to check them for tiny teeth marks I think. ) have been scurrying about and I have noticed that they settle down near the fireside when its alight and doze.  Little tails swishing where they are dreaming of cheese and biscuits I think... and what mischief they can get up to next.

Also if you are reading this Janice I am nearly there on your inspiration packs that I promised to get ready for you.  Just a few more drawers to go through to see if I can find some other precious bits of fabrics for your project.

I have to tell you that night after night we have had some really beautiful sunsets over the sea as I look from my sewing room window and they streak the sky with gorgeous hues of pink.  I keep hoping it is a snowy sky, but not yet it seems.

Wishing for snow here, now I know there are probably a few of you that are groaning at that statement but I have to say there are probably treble  of you who want the same as me.  I adore snow so much and it would be magical for December.  Christmas eve would be perfect and oh for my Birthday too please ... if anyone is listening to my hopes and wishes ..<3

I have gone into complete Christmas cosy mood and can not wait to put up the decorations this year and getting the house all festive and inviting.  I am thinking of getting my husband to get the vintage sleigh down early so that I can decorate the little light up tree in the dinning room and pop it on the sleigh and then I can wrap some little gifts to pile on the sleigh ...   It will please the little mice who are still investigating their new home.... and by the looks of it, helping one another on their adventures.

I want to get some tidying done in my stitchery room as it has got a little ( just a little) messy.  I have a pile of Christmas presents in here for wrapping as well so next week I will set to on a few evenings to that they are ready just to pop under the tree in December when we go and choose it.  My husband and I love doing that and he is patient.

He dives in all the trees in our local garden centre and pulls them out so that he can hold each one so I can see all sides to make sure of its shape.  This can go on for a while.  

Then we choose and whilst it is being wrapped in netting we go and say hello to the reindeer that always visit there and they are beautiful.  When we get home we put it in its tree holder and leave it over night to settle before decorating it the next day together.  The smell of the pine that fills the room over night is beautiful and any bits we cut off go on the fires to add to the aroma.  There is nothing like a real Christmas tree.

Still I must get some stitching done today again and make headway as it is a short working week.  I have to say I am excited about going to two vintage fairs.  I need to make a list and also a list of little bits for gifts too.  

My basket it ready and I have that stood in my sewing room and then I must get my purse ready as well.

Just before I go I would like to show the sunset from the other night here in my sewing room it really was splendid and you can see why it reminds me of a snowy sky and that is from a childhood memory as well when my Daddy would say ' looks like a snowy sky' and it was always pink and in fact is was normally correct.

Well that is it for today as another working day is beginning so all that is left for me to say is I hope you all have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Lovely blog Sarah. Love the pic taken from your sewing room. I also have a memory of looking out of the window, as a child, seeing all the distant twinkling lights And my dear dad telling me they were the lights in Fairyland. Magical memories!
    I think you should take more photos of the little mice visiting the Christmas decorations around your home and these photos could be the illustrations for your book. They would look good in the sleigh.
    We are the same when choosing our tree, it has to be a good shape. Sadly they don't seem to have so much scent these days. Like you, I love to come down in the morning to the wonderful pine smell but it is sadly lacking.
    Enjoy your day Sarah x

    1. Hi Dawn
      Thank you. Where we buy our tree they are so fresh and smell wonderful... we are obviously lucky I thought all real trees did!
      The mice are very active! .. lol

      Glad you enjoyed the read today.

      Sarah xxx

  2. Love those little mice

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. They are very naughty Julie! but I love them too! xxxx