Monday 13 November 2017

Its a Hygee kind of stitching day.

Hygge ( hoo ga) is about
creating a cosiness of the soul.
Warm and calm surroundings with
candles and blazing fires ...

On these rather cold starts to the day at the moment one of my best friends is our open fires.  There is
something about it that is rather curious.  As soon as you put a match to a fire, instantly the room is cheerier and warmer...

Now it can not be warmer but our brains tell us that it is.  Whilst the fire is really getting going then it is time to make a warm drink and grab a project basket.  Cosy up in a big armchair and stare at the flames, this is how I am starting my week and it feels wonderful.

Lighting candles too makes my soul cosy and with little lamps on it brings the house awake and the calm surroundings help my creativity.

 It fortifies me for the cold journey out in the garden to the bird feeders when the dark mornings yawn awake and I can see the garden and the beautiful birds waiting patiently in our pear tree and on top of our little shed.  They know breakfast is served.  We get rewarded with their chatter and bird song and it fills me with happiness.

I now have all my white fairy lights down the stairs and around the fireplaces on timers and they pop on happily when I get up.  It makes me smile and I am happily going about my early morning rituals.

On the rather chilly nights at the moment the skies are clear and I look out at the stars, there is still the little girl in me as I like to go outside and watch my breath ...   I am looking for an evening when it is around 10 degrees, not raining and we can put on the fire pit and wrap up in fluffy blankets and have mulled wine outside and cook pizza on the b b q ....   I have a cream bubble hat with a huge fur pom pom on the top and it will be cosy and lots of fun.  Although I am fairly hardy and love this kind of adventure, at minus one ... well I even draw the line at that, the child in me becomes an adult at that point, although if there was snow, well the child would be back!

So back to today, it is stitching day and I am really excited to get some little slow stitches under way.  I am so pleased I sorted out a few project baskets out for my return now it is just a case of which one.  In addition I would like to cut out some more of the hexagon and diamonds for the Winter Star wall hanging quilt.  I am determined that next Christmas that will be hung on our quilt hanger in the Lounge.

In addition to this I have to do some designing as well in the next few weeks.  My little rough journal book that I took on my Holiday has lots of ideas for me to work on and some are embroidery with applique and some are of mixed media with old papers as well.  I left my little water colour palette out when we went away and it is has enough colours for me to mix up so that I can very basically do some sketches of what I in vision in my head.  The colours of the Fall in New England and the
coastlines there gave me so many ideas.  The land is vast and mighty beautiful and I could not help but be inspired.  The Shaker village and the Shaker Threads inspire me as well and so I am bursting
to do so much at the moment.

With Christmas just around the corner I have been seeking out pretty red fabrics to use and of course I am working on Summer and Autumn sampler and pictures and projects for next year as well.

Two of my most favourite animals are Hares and Seahorses both of which are magical in my eyes.  I would like to do a little set or series of project involving them both and so I would like to design a set
of three maybe for each of them.  The ideas are flowing and my graphite pencils are sharpened.

There is so much that I want to do and so I have to just write it all down on a list and work my way through it calmly.  Beauty is made one little stitch at a time and slow stitching can not, and should not, be rushed.  It is a gentle art and is food for the creative soul.

Hours of sewing can pass by like it was minutes for me and I am sure most of you know that to be true for you as well.  Creativity is a blessing and I love my days to be filled with just that and of course a warm drink or three.

For today then I will leave you, I could talk all day to you all but that will not get my work done.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oooh sounds rather cosy in your house. I'll start again next week with sewing etc. We're off to London on Wednesday, back next Tuesday

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      It is cosy! too much staring into the flames though!

      Enjoy London and safe travels.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Another beautifully painted picture using words. I'm into Hygge too and we have lovely cinnamon scented candles. I think the Woodwick ones are best. Did you make your little trees that you were going to stitch on the plane? I'm hoping to start mine this week.
    Great idea to have the fairy lights on timers. Enjoy your day xxx

    1. Hello Dawn

      The trees did not get much done. I was so excited going that I could not settle and coming home I had a pod so I went to bed....

      It is a must get done over the weekend.

      Enjoy your stitching and thank you I am gland you enjoyed the read.

      Sarah xxx

  3. Your excitement fairly flew off the page Sarah. I can just envisage the little lights on your stair in the morning - what a smashing idea to have them on timer switches - note to self! I also love sitting outside in the winter - round the fire and all wrapped up. Glorious. Mo xxx

    1. Morning Mo
      Thank you I am pleased you enjoyed the read,
      I love my seasons and this one with cosy fires and lights especially.

      Sarah xxx