Thursday 9 November 2017

Slow stitcher on the lookout for stitchery treasures.

Warm Autumn/Fall Days of
laughter, fun and along awaited
for rest.  

Well we arrived in Chatham in Cape Cod and found our wonderful Inn that was to be our home for the next 4 days.  We got to our room and unloaded our cases and then decided to do some exploring around the town and the seaport where the fishing boats go out everyday for their fresh catch.

We got in the car and parked in the street, this is where the pumpkins were spotted and purchased and placed straight in the car for a little photo shoot later on that day.

It is very much by the Ocean and so it was a little cooler but still in the double figures which pleased us.  We had asked the Inn to book our Whale Watching adventure for the next day and we were hopeful this time it would be the year we got to go .... I was so excited at the prospect.

We walked around the very pretty shops that basically had a seaside theme but high end and stunning to look at.  There was no stitching things on this part of our adventure but what we saw was outstanding.

Wandering down to the fishing port the seals were waiting for the dinner time, the fishing boats would be in soon and that meant only one thing... Fish heads etc and they were playing and resting patiently as they could.  I was so lucky to get a snap of one up close and a little video of another who came up to look me over.

There was a sign too, a gentle reminder to those of us who really do not live with these gorgeous
creatures.  ' Where there are seals, there are great white sharks' ..... My husband desperately was looking for signs of a fin or three in the water but no we did not see any.  That is not to say they were not lurking underneath!!

The next day had finally arrived and we were set for Whale Watching!  This was both of our very first time.. it was like Christmas for me.  We set out on the boat and it was an hour out and same back and 2 hours of watching Whales.  And watch the humpback Whales I did and got some amazing photos too.  They are beautiful and majestic creatures and I fell in love with watching them.  Four hours may seem like a long time but it was like four minutes to us.  It was a boiling hot day and the sea was calm and it glistened in the sun.

We had a wonderful few days in Cape Cod and when we left I was sad to say farewell but we were now on the next leg of our journey to New York to see our wonderful friends.  We met more of their family and made new friends it was a great few days and it was also our second weekend in the USA.  We had started to relax and have the best time.  We had a great time around New York and Manhattan.

Our journey then took us to Connecticut and what was there?  Well not only the beautiful Stonington where we stayed and Mystic but also CT Quilts .. Oh yes!

Now CT Quilts has a vintage section in the shop and that really is what I was there for.  You can see by the photos throughout this blog what I found.  Some wonderful vintage embroidered linens and some great feed sack fabric.  How happy was I.  There were some old quilts there but I did purchase any because I am looking right now for a certain colour way and certain pattern so I am holding out for that.

I did purchase a little book on Embroidery stitches (new not vintage) and few other bits for presents but that was it.  We love Connecticut and the surrounding area.  The sunsets are just incredible it is like the sky is on fire!

Our last leg of our incredible journey was Boston MA and we had the last five days there.  We love Boston and it was Christmas shopping time for us there.  In addition we had Halloween to look forward to and boy it was out of this world.  I have never seen anything like it.

 The costumes that the little kiddies had including a Eagle!! and so many other imaginative dressing up ideas.  Every shop  and Church took part and gave out candy to the trick or treaters and the happiness of the children and adults alike.  At lunch time a very old lady indeed came into our hotel for lunch and she had a hair band on ... on top was a huge spider with glitter.  Everyone takes part and see it as a great fun event which was refreshing.....

We had a wonderful 3 weeks Going from New Hampshire, Cape Cod, New York, Connecticut and
finally Boston then home again.  We had such a wonderful rest along with some much needed carefree time together.

Over the next few weeks as I finally get bits out that I think you may like a look at I will pop photos on here for you.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about our adventures and seeing some of the stitchery things that I purchased along the way.

Well that is it for today and so all that is left for me to say is I hope you have a great day and as always ...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It all sounds so magical. I couldn't have gone on the boat as I get terribly seasick but what a wonderful thing for you both to do.

    1. Hi Dawn

      I took tablets to go out on the boat just in case because lately I have started feel that way on boats. They worked a treat.

      Had a wonderful time and saw Whales right there in front of me.... perfect as I adore animals.
      We made our wonderful memory ..

      Sarah xxxx

  2. How can you tell I am finally catching up with your blog Sarah!? Sounds as if you had a fab time in the USA. xx