Thursday 29 June 2017

Treasure from The Country Summer Brocante.

Everyone on earth has
a treasure that awaits them!

Paulo Coelho

Just before my show and tell I thought I would tell you about yesterday, all the rain we had and was much needed in our garden at least, I sat out in for several hours.

Yes the large umbrella we have kept me dry and with a throw over me and snuggle in the chair with the cushion I was lovely and cosy. I had a coffee and sipped it with my eyes closed and listening to the rain it was beautiful....

In addition I did some stitching out there as well. I love listening to the rain and it, for me is calming for the soul.  Some will think me mad and others of  you will understand completely.

The textile and haberdashery magpie in me had the most wonderful day of treasure hunting in the
most beautiful setting on a glorious June Summer's Day ....
Breath taking country side and lush green fields and a gorgeous setting, what could be better? - Well marquee's in the middle of it full of vintage treasure!!! I was in heaven.

My first stop as you know was Clare of Lou Lou Retro so I will start there but other than that there is no particular order to who was next, I was like an excited puppy who flitted from place to place.

So when Clare and I had said hello and we wandered to her stall, I tried not to run with Clare trying to catch up as it would have been unseemly! we chatted and she showed me the way.  It was like a moment in slow motion, I could not believe how much gorgeous fabric and quilt pieces were on offer and I really did not know where to start.  Clare presented me with a gift and again Clare thank you so very much simply beautiful bundle of goodies.  Then I went truffling with Clare bless her holding each bundle I picked up.

These were my kind of fabrics for my kind of designs and I was in a fabric comma I do not even know if I was coherent or making any sense what so ever.  You can see why though can't you it was a
feast for all your senses ...

Clare was sharing with Rosa Blue and there was this most beautiful rabbit dressed in a gingham skirt with a angora knitted jumper with her hands in her pockets.  The hands do come out but she looked so lovely like that she has stayed like it for now.  She is sat on the quilt in my sewing room next to my lovely vintage doll made by Niki Fretwell and they co-ordinate beautifully and she will be perfect for Easter on the fireplace next year as well but bunnies are not just for Easter you know!

Then I saw the most beautiful bracelet and it is silver and comes in the most beautiful silver tin firstly wrapped in a pouch.  Now my husband had bought me a necklace as you know but that is for my Birthday in December so no pictures as yet but this was a gift to myself as I love bracelets and rings so this beauty came home with me and will be worn a lot I can tell you.  I do not put jewellery on when I am working only my wedding ring, not even my engagement ring or eternity ring as I do not want to snag anything on the fabrics but I do wear my jewellery daily ..  This was from Lucy Bradshaw Jewellery. The attention to every little detail and the heart is what got my attention and when I tried it on - well I was undone!

Now when sat eating my ice cream on the Little Wren Vintage & Lisa Giles Antiques stall I spied a quilt.  Yes you have already seen it this week but I was not sure how big it was.  As it happened it was part of a quilt rescued from one that had really seen better days and Emma of Little Wren Vintage had cut the square out and edged it with a beautiful oyster colour ribbon.  It fits my kitchen table as a gorgeous table patchwork cloth and I am over the moon with it.  I also pick up two D monograms that I can use white work embroidery over so that they are raised.

From Sonia of The Old Haberdashery I bought a lovely vintage Hungarian table centre piece with cross stitch borders it was only £10 and I thought it would look so pretty in the Winter months and brighten up a table with flowers in a jug.

Mercer and Rose came up trumps with little dainty monograms as well as two really very pretty inspiration packs with lots of tiny little goodies to embellish work with.  I do not think that I have ever walked away from that stall with nothing because for a stitcher there is always a treasure or six.

As you can see in the two inspiration packs there is some vintage Suffolk puffs, French laundry labels, mother of pearl buttons, lace, silk milliners flowers and so much more.

The monograms are H, S and A so I have mine, my
husbands initials and our surname initial too.. So we do not forget who we are, no I like to add them to personal stitching for our home.  cushions on our bed or pillow cases that sort of thing.

And Finally for my haberdashery needs I bought some threads three in fact of the oyster colour that has been purchased for a particular project and was actually on my list to find so I was very pleased indeed. They were bought from Now and Forever, I am really very happy with these and they are already in the project basket and were the last thing to get so that it can be started immediately I am ready to because everything else I already had in my stash ...

And of course our 6 more iron poppy seed heads from The Little Red Robbin Company and when they are all in situ I will take a photo for you to see .... plus some mint plants and some gorgeous tall pretty flower plants too but again they are not planted yet .

Well I hope you liked having a little peek at my treasures that I brought home with me.  They are all now snuggled safely in their rightful place except the poppy seed heads but they are in the garden waiting.

I hope you have the best day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh how glorious! You have gathered such a beautiful stash of goodies. I am sorry I didn't make it down now, for I fear I would be bankrupt. Just made me all the more determined to get to the one in August or September. I too like the sound of the rain - just as well really, we get enough of it. I have a meditation app on my phone and the sound I listen too is rain. It is so soothing to the soul isn't it!

    1. Hi Mo

      Yes it was hard to leave some things behind but having just sorted my sewing room out I did not want to clutter!
      Hope to see you st one of the Brocantes this year.
      I love the sound of rain, not every day you understand but the garden did need it here!
      Hope you are well. Must look into that app!?
      Sarah xxxx

  2. What lovely things you purchased. Its hard to believe it was rather hot last week and used umbrellas as sunshades!

    Julie xxx

    1. They say hot is back at weekend and next week and my weather app says so too so I am rather happy the rain is watering the grass.
      But rain or hot hot hot I was determined to sit in the garden Lol!

      Sarah xxxxx

  3. Would love to see your kitchen table with the quilt on it, must look gorgeous. If you look on YouTube there are lots of rain noises inc thunder and everything else under the sun. Xxx

    1. Hi Dawn
      I do love those sounds, when I am dry and cosy! That is.

      Will take a photo for next week of table Dawn and post on here.
      I am thrilled with it.

      Sarah xxxx

  4. Wow, sounds like you REALLY enjoyed your day Sarah!! So glad the rag doll that I made has a new friend - thank you very much for the mention...I know they will be the best of friends ;-))
    I wonder if you have enjoyed more stitching in the rain today...?! ;-))

    Enjoy your next forays...
    Niki x

    1. Hi Niki

      Thank you! Oh yes I love the doll you made she is treasured!
      Whilst it rained I went out again, I try not to be terribly British and complain about the weather! Just make the most of it all.
      Hope to see you very soon Niki.
      Take care
      Sarah xxc