Monday 12 June 2017

Sewing Room sucess and slow stitching!

Its so good to be back, thank you all for your emails and messages and such over whelming support it has been so thoughtful of you all and much appreciated.  Mum is a lot more settled and feeling better we have seen a huge difference in her, which for Dementia is a plus.

She is loving the weather and I have to say she is very close to my sister and myself and our respective husbands but unfortunately she does not remember even her own sister, not really she sees her as a little girl not a woman and keeps saying it is not her sister.

 She however remembers us and at the moment it is important that we spend as much time as possible with her whilst this is happening.  She asks about my job and I show her magazines I have been in and she smiles and says I do not know who taught you to stitch Sarah but it was not me was it?  I say no Mum and she smiles ... clever you! It warms my heart and I take that with me wherever I go ....

Whilst I have been away from here and not really stitching, just little snatched stitches really I have
concentrated on my sewing room and I am pleased to announce it is finished all tidied and you are not going to believe this I have some empty drawers!! I know! but I do have a few stacked clear boxes as well in a corner but there it is.  I will be sorting out some things to sell that I really do not need any more.  The beauty of vintage is that it is fluid.  If you use some fabric for a project  and you have some left over not needed for anything then you can sell it on for others to create with.

The last single bed has gone from the room and a gorgeous painted duck egg armoire is in- situ and full with beautiful linens at the top ... there are two drawer and a large cupboard at the bottom with three shelves .....

As you can see from the photo I have it all sorted.  The photo does not really do it justice.  but I have a huge bit in the middle of my sewing room, called carpet! and it is big enough for a very large blow up bed when extra people want to sleep over and the guest rooms are full already and you can still walk around it .. Yes we tried it just in case ...

Sorry by the way this is late today but BT were at the corner of our road and playing about, so no
internet .. grrr. Although we are not with them, they are still the people all providers have to go through.

Anyway the room is wonderful and a little bit of heaven for me to come to and write and stitch.  Now the only time I use our dinning room table is to cut out because it is a very large table.

I can sit at my desk and type or use my sewing machine and look out over the back garden and the
tree tops ... watch Miss Muddy beak go about her very busy life and our latest addition the chuckle brothers.  Now they are two young magpie who are adorable and they fool around.  Hanging upside down in our Elderflower tree and play in the garden.  I pop out some meat trimmings and some egg for them to eat and they seem to leave the other birds nests alone ...

This is my chair that I pull up to my desk but it site back in the corner so that on coffee break or very early morning I can curl up in this antique beauty and watch as the world wakes up and the birds feed.    It has an old quilt on as you can see if it gets cold and a rabbit cushion made from a rather old quilt that had seen better days....  Behind the quilt in the background is a wooden ladder which was my late Dads but I cover it in a quilt and sit a rather lovely doll all made from vintage fabrics that I bought from the talented Nicki Fretwell.....

My bookcase is jammed packed with stitching books very old and new and love going to the old
embroidery books to look up new embroidery stitches and techniques long forgotten on occasions and playing around with them in my work.

I have two lamps in the room and my husband has just bought me a most gorgeous main light that is very old indeed .. it is not up yet but I will take a photo for you when it is. It is a holophane shade with vintage wiring and a new but old looking bulb ... excited to see it when it is up...

I feel now I have my creative space and with a very old type writer that my husband bought me out on display with my calligraphy products including old inks, wax and seals and button drawers and fabric and paisley drawers it is perfect for me.

To have a place to create and be able to leave things I am in the middle of is so much better although I have been putting away because I do not want it to get messy.  Getting the dyson out at the end of each day and the duster because I love my space so much.  I have behind the chair several project
baskets as well that I have put together this morning, not wanting to waste the time that I could not write to you, I filled it with a purpose whilst happily sipping a coffee.

So now it time to create some bits for publication and the rest of the year ahead.  I am still finishing my Christmas Sampler .. it is a little fiddly but I think it  will be really lovely.. It measure around 12 x 12 and has a quilted border which I love ... I want to finish that first really but I am also creating with a gorgeous old French envelope and papers with fabrics, and buttons too....

My writing space on my desk is shared with my sewing machine and laptop but it really is not a problem to do that.  Everything now has a space when not in use so it is easier to juggle.  I also belong to a Happy Mail trio so I write to now two great friends, and I have been able to catch up with that this last week.  My head is clear and the cobwebs have been swept away for me to create.

The tales of the stitchery room will be able to begin in this new week ahead.

Well that is it for my first day back of rambling and I hope to that you have enjoyed a little peek in my creative space and I will be back tomorrow as usual.  My blog days will be Mon, Tue, Thur and Friday which still gives me time to create and visit mum and of course run a home too .... I hope you all have a wonderful day and the weather this week is very promising and very hot by the weekend.

Happy Stitching and again thank you all for such support and patience and the beautiful messages about how you have missed my sewing ramblings ...



  1. Oh Sarah, what a lovely space! Please come and help me sort mine out!! Glad you are feeling better X X

    1. Thank you Donna! Oh would love a trip to France to do just that!
      Hope you are well, you are in my thoughts.

      Take great care.

      Sarah xx

  2. Lovely to have you back dear friend. Your creative space looks wonderful and full of treasures. Being organised is lovely. . I'm nearly there as well. I have a large old chest of drawers that everything had become a muddle in so taking inspiration from your good self I decided to sort them out. What a muddle! I am almost sorted now but what a task and it was about a fifth of what you had to sort so hat off to you. Enjoy your space. So glad your mum is sounding more settled.
    Love Dawn x

    1. Hello Dawn

      Thank you its so good to be back. I love writing this blog and stitching and sharing and I have missed it very much.

      I am glad I have encouraged others to sort, it is very cathartic as well. It was a mammoth job but when I was just finished I felt so much joy and relief ... stuff everywhere makes my head swirl.

      Thank you Mum is doing better .... it is lovely to see her smile and hear her laugh.

      Sarah xxx

  3. So glad your mum has settled/

    What a gorgeous room. my room is still on going like everything else in my house! Now I have started another quilt for my youngest grand-daughter Abigail.

    Julie xxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Well thank you and publicly I am going to say your emails of encouragement have kept me going and smiling..
      You will get there and a quilt for a young grand-daughter is much more important, enjoy making it and enjoy her.

      Sarah xxx

  4. Oh Sarah, all is right with the world - you are back!! So lovely to read your blogs again. I am so glad your mum is settled and you have a routine arranged. Your sewing room looks a real Alladin's Cave - what a treasure trove of sewing goodies. It must really be an inspiring and creative space. Love, Mo xx

  5. Hi Mo

    Its great to be back and so lovely to have been missed with my tales from what is now a really lovely creative space....

    I have so much fabric Mo, If I did not buy anymore for 3 years I would not run out I am sure but these gorgeous bits of history in the form of very old beautiful fabrics and quilts come up for sale and well I am undone!!

    Thank you for your continued support and your kind words. Are you going to Love Lane Vintage this month in West Sussex?

    Sarah xx