Tuesday 13 June 2017

Busy with gorgeous fabric, thread, buttons and vintage papers....

To live a creative life
we must lose the fear 
of being wrong.


 Joseph Chilton Pearce

The above saying is so true, we need to believe and love what we create because it shows in our work I always think.  

With creating it is so funny to see that we sometimes have the same ideas as others yet there is a difference in what we have done with it. 

 Take a heart shape in a beautiful fabric, what we stitch it to or what embroidery or words we use,  is not the same but it is a picture of a heart all the same.  

I have been working with old French envelopes and sewing things to them and of course others have done the same I see but not like mine (yet!)  it is my love of hares that keeps me different and it is kind of a signature for me like a button that has to be stitched to everything I do ...

I am of course trying to finish my Christmas sampler and I would like to start another one as well, I do have a thing for them.  They have words and sayings as appose to ABC and 123 on mine, and I am going to create a Halloween one as well I have decided, featuring a fabulous crow that I managed to sketch who visits our garden.  I have named him Russell ... yes I know but
what else would you call a crow!?

He is fairly tame and I did imagine what he would say to me should I tell him he was featuring in my Halloween design .... something like "I am always type cast!"

As yet I have not decided on the actual design except I have his shape and beauty but on Wednesday I will be sitting in my new/old creative space and looking and staring out of the window if it is not warm or indeed if Summer returns I will sit in the garden with my journal and design out there in the morning .. either way I need to get creative on it now so that when I visit the next vintage fair I will be able to hopefully find and purchase anything I may need and do not have yet to complete this design.  I truly do not know what I could possibly need that I do not have in my vast collection of vintage stock but you never know..... when it is designed I can form a project basket and then take stock of the situation...

I love the thought of being able to change pictures around in our home with the seasons and events in the calender so there is always a difference in our cosy spaces. 

 We love doing Halloween here and I do not have a picture so I thought I needed to put this right.  The design will go to print but the original will stay with us .... I think I might take a few orders for them as well but I will see how long it takes to make. 

The trouble is when making something like that and by the time it is framed and of course I need to earn a living it could be around £150 or more so it is best to design have photos taken and people make their own based on my design.  They can then use their own choice of fabric and it actually can be new fabric and not vintage if that pleases them ... this is why I love doing work for American magazines or sometimes here but mostly America who really do appreciate hand stitched designs and  know how much time goes into the whole process... I understand we all have a budget and it can be un-affordable to buy something of that price so that is why I only take commissions and not make things to sell,  I have been asked so many times about selling my work but it just does not seem it would work for me. 

However when we do move I will be taking classes and hope to meet some of you at one or two sometime.... use my design patterns, choose your fabrics and create.  Stay for the day and chat and enjoy lunch and take home a finished something to frame your self or get framed that you yourself have stitched and added a little something different to and made your own.

I keep the tiny bits of fabric scraps in a box and they do get used.  Also keeping the hems that I cut off of vintage French linens  and what I do with those is tie together fabric bundles with them and place a piece of dried lavender in the bow to keep the munchers away (moths) .. The plaque of my life I am always on the look out for them ... I patrol my quilts and fabrics, its like a scene from Dads Army!!

Well I am away to my stitching and a visit to mum for my lunch with her today .... then it is design day tomorrow and I will be back here on Thursday with an update of my vintage stitchery tales .

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. What a lovely post. Yes, Russell is a wonderful name for a crow! I have been making lavender bags too. I add a few drops of Lemon oil to the lavender bags too. Moths and other flying insect do not like citron.

    Julie xxxx

    1. Great tip Julie thank you!
      Glad you enjoyed the blog.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Well now, Sarah,the very mention of Russell Crowe.. is enough to get my attention but I am sure your Russell will look just as divine.
    Maybe you should cast a halloween spell on those moths.

    1. Hi Dawn
      Grrrr the munchers! It's terrible this year.
      Yes I have waged war on them but a spell might be better!
      Russell the crow says hello! :))

      Sarah xxxx

  3. I do so agree with your opening sentence Sarah. I am under quite a bit of stress with work at the moment and really struggling to get time to 'create' - twice recently I have started something and had to stop because I am just not in the right mind set! Very frustrating but true!
    I do adore crows I have to say - it's also in my last name so that may have something to do with it!! We have a colony near us and I feed them every morning - they are so delightful to watch - especially the young ones - they have trouble controlling their large feet!!
    I agree, people are reluctant sometimes to pay the realistic price for something hand made. I recently bought two x stitch samplers at auction. One is heavenly - very traditional, but large and traditional with alphabet and numbers and a biblical verse. Both framed. I got them both for £22. Shocking - although lucky for me' I do xstitch so know just how long it takes.
    How lovely if you did some workshops - count me in! Mo xx

    1. Hi Mo
      How lovely to hear from you.
      I love all animals although struggle with insects! Especially munchers!!

      The Crow is delightful and very beautiful too, it's great you feed them as well.

      I can not afford to create to sell so I do magazine and commissions.. lucky you with £22 for two old samplers but as you say shocking .. they take so long to do, hours upon hours!

      How fabulous, I will count you in when courses start for sure!

      Hope work eases up and gives you your creativity mojo back, when it's in you it feeds the soul. We need it us creative creatures.

      Sarah xxx