Friday 16 June 2017

Little patches ....

Little bits of stitchery
to stitch on to clothes.

I came across some patches that I made a while back but have not stitched to anything yet and that is
about to be rectified in the next few months.  It is lovely to add a bit of vintage stitchery to garments to make them unique and I have on one white cotton shirt I have which I love.

I am about to start 'pimping' some more things for me to wear that will make them look different and unique to me.

Thinking this will go on a white shirt I have with lace bottom and I will stitch it on the front right bottom corner maybe ...

Then I have a very light blue shirt I wear with jeans and I thought this patch might look just right and on there sort of a summer nautical look in a way ... what do you think.

With a tiny boat bobbing on the sea and some very old ticking and blue fabric as well as some old linen I was pleased with this one.

Then last but not least I found this one I did and again it will be stitched to something I like to wear
and probably at vintage fairs mostly I would imagine or when I am working.

Sorting my sewing room as made me rediscover other bits that had been buried and I am able to use now.  Those stitching magnets for needles are amazing and pretty to look at so really pleased I found those old treasures, I was trying to think and they are about 19 years old now I believe.

In my er hum .. paisley drawer there were bits of paisley buried in there I had forgotten I had,  and happily have come to the front of drawer all tied up and ready to be used in a design or two .. I love discovering treasure.

I have been stitching away and the weather has been getting warmer daily so I have stolen some little stitches outside whilst drinking some homemade lemonade I have made.  I love watching the birds and the Mr bumble going about the garden I often wonder if you got up close to a bumble if you could smell the beautiful pollen on their dear little feet ...

Not sure who would be more surprised !??

Thank you to those who have already got in touch about vintage fairs in July I will be doing a blog with dates in about two weeks so there is still time to contact me with any you may know of with full details and address.

I have some more work to do on my Christmas sampler and in this warmth it is strange to be stitching this kind of thing with reds and whites but you know I love reds and its a favourite time of year for me.  I am looking forward though to its being finished and framed and want to get on with some other of my projects,

 I am still trying to decide on the Halloween sampler at the moment because I keep changing my mind, Not about Russell the Crow being centre stage but the words for the sampler ... I will keep looking back at the words to decide.

 Firstly though I think a summer sampler is in order so I am going to look in my design journal and if there is nothing there that takes my fancy I think I will have a little sketch over the weekend. There might be some Victorian  Suffolk puffs staring in this one but I will have to see ....

It is fathers day this weekend so a visit to my Dads grave with flowers is one of the sad things to do but strangely now I find comfort in talking away to him there whilst arranging his flowers just so.  It used to make me so very sad but now well after 18 years I guess I have become calmer over it.

Whatever you are doing have a wonderful weekend, for those of you lucky enough to still have your Dad, enjoy time with him ...

Happy Stitching!  see you Monday  XX


  1. Oh Sarah those little stitched pieces are gorgeous and what a lovely way of embellishing clothes. I really need to get my act together as you have inspired me.
    I do think it would be lovely to see more pics of your work, past and present. Love Dawn xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn, I am pleased to have inspired- its my mission in life to do so.

      Because of doing work for publication I am not supposed to share it before that happens that is my problem but I am able to show bits and bobs. I will be able to show a lot more soon though.

      Happy Stitching! XXX

  2. I'm absolutely delighted to have found your blog! Beautiful work, and love your musings, especially "bumble's dear little feet"! I look forward to getting to know you better x

    1. Hello Sue

      Thank you so much, and I look forward to your comments along the way.
      I am pleased you like my blog it's lovely to get feedback and strike a virtual friendship with my readers ...
      Thank you for your kind words.

      Sarah x