Monday 19 June 2017

Summer stitches ... tick tock.

Time flies over us 
but leaves its shadow behind.

There are lots of very beautiful and old clock faces out there for sale, lots of vintage sellers have them on their stand and recently I have bought a few, not lots but four actually.  I was not sure at the time what to do with them but I am glad to say I have designed a (what I think) is a very pretty sampler/picture to use one of them in.

I am officially going to make this my Summer project of 2017 and I have actually drawn it out on some most gorgeous French Linen.

There will be some lovely old eiderdown fabric as well somewhere I think as well and I am very pleased with it indeed.  It is all in a basket waiting its turn.

I have been designing and enjoying it, a little too much because I need to get down to the importance of stitching and finishing some bits.

Autumn has been on my mind as well and not just the Halloween part but the jumping in gorgeous leaves and wandering through the forest for a long walk crunching in the leaves under foot kind of Autumn day with acorns and gorgeous colours that look like a patchwork quilt.   I have designed a Autumn sampler picture as well and there is a basket for this also... So much lovely slow stitching and pondering time this Summer.

The weather has been so great that lots of it is happening in the garden whilst watching the wild life and taking in the heady scents of all the roses and beautiful flowers out right now.  The cutting out though is done inside because cutting little leaves out of gorgeous fabrics can be tricky with a little welcome breeze to cool me,  a leaf out of fabric can be gone in a second, and they do take a while to cut out properly .... Me chasing around the garden after a paisley leaf and the robin sat on one of our shepherd crooks and watching with amusement only happens once!  This is the little offender! .. yes I found it nestling nicely under my pink rose bush and rather camouflaged!

I have some news for those of you who are going to The Love Lane Vintage Fair on the 23 and 24 June ( this week in fact)  For the first time ever the lovely Clare of Lou Lou Retro will be sharing a stall there and her fabrics are so good your heart goes a bit faster.  She will be selling
eiderdown fabric bundles and patchwork pieces along with some really beautiful paisleys and ticking.

The excitement when I found out!  I have being buying from this wonderful lady for a long while now and we have become virtual friends and chatty, so to meet her in person firstly and then have a browse through lots of her beautiful vintage stock is so great.  I have asked her where she will be stalling that weekend as there are three marquees and she is going to get back to me with it....  I will be making for her straight away.  I am not going until the 24th but she assures me there is plenty for all and a re stock will happen after the first day on Friday 23rd so panic over.

As I think I told you I do have some empty drawer space which is just as well I think, The fabrics that you buy here are wonderful and so good for what I like to work with as I look for small print for applique work mostly ....  My shopping list is ready and I have packed my bag ready to go.  I have missed a few vintage fairs lately and so I am looking forward to this weekend.  The picture above is a selection of some of Lou Lou Retros fabrics that have been on sale lately .... See what I mean!?  

Well I think I must away now because before I start my day I have to just go and fill up the bird baths
and fill the feeders for the day ahead and a quick water of the garden.  This weather is glorious but everything is thirsty.  I stencilled a huge old tin bucket with a bee and filled it up with flowers and it is doing beautifully but needs watering morning and evening in this heat.  Then I think some sewing in the garden with a warm drink is on the menu.  I might even have my lunch out there today as well.

Have a fabulous day whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Love that pretty leaf. Yes we have robin that watches us and wonders what we are going to do next!

    Julie xxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes it was like he was laughing at me, kept turning around to watch the human chase a little piece of fabric... not even food!!!

      I would like to thank you for the lovely books you sent me they have arrived safely and I will let you know later when I get to the post office.

      Hope you are enjoying this hot summer that has arrived.

      Take care
      Sarah xxxxx

    2. Glad the parcel arrived safely hope you can make use of the books.

      This weather is a bit too hot for me I'm afraid.
      Julie xx