Tuesday 20 June 2017

Stolen tiny stitches .. on Summer mornings.

It was June, and the world smelled of roses.
 The sunshine was like powdered gold
 over the grassy hillside.

Maud Hart Lovelace

Early mornings with the sun coming up and the birds in full song is a magical time.  My husband has
to be up very early of a week day to go to work in one of several places in the UK he needs to be in any given week.  In the dark, cold winter months I will snuggle back down for a few hours but in this glorious weather I like to make a warm drink and sit in my chair in my sewing room and look out into the dawn and watch the garden and wildlife come alive and start its busy day....

Sometimes I do a little doodling or maybe read or look through a book, other times I am eager to get a few tiny stolen stitches in before I get myself ready for blogging and the rest of my day ahead.

Today was such a day and it was peek in every project basket that is already to go time... like I was checking that a thief in the night had come along and had somehow pilfered my plunder of treasure! its such a pleasure looking at all the pretty fabrics and I
must admit to counting all the little leaves I have cut out, after nearly loosing one it seems I have to check to make myself happier..

Life has got so much better here at Homespun HQ and I am fitting in all that I have to do without to much drama, still having time to work.  My early morning cuppa and stolen tiny stitches get me ready for my day and I am then eager to get stitching.

I am pleased to announce that today should see my Christmas sampler finished or at least enough for me to say ok
I will look again in a couple of days and check on it.  I have always been an advocate of letting your work speak for itself and not over stitching or adding.  This means getting to a place where you stop stitching and walk away for a little bit and take another look with a fresh eye to make sure.

When a project starts out for me I lay everything out and look at it against my design.  It is never written in blood and you can add or take away as you go.  When it is stitching time it is good to do the same just stitch and keep putting it down and revisiting it because unpicking vintage fabric can really spoil it.

This morning I was getting so carried away with stitching and this blog that I still have my PJ's on, it is cosy but when I finish on here I am going to shower and change and go into the garden and stitch.  I had to laugh when I came across this a while ago it is so true of artistic people ...

I am of course trying so hard to keep my new found work space tidy and have been hoovering after each day and going round with a duster, it of course can not last but I really am making every effort to keep this space clutter free and tidy and clean .....

Well that is it for me today the sunshine is calling and so is my fruit and yogurt and another drink.  I
have my work basket ready and waiting to take out to the garden and there are fresh flowers on the table out there in a jug, it brings the bumble bees closer you see ...

Before I go I wanted to let you all know of another vintage fair this weekend so here are all the

A Vintage Summer
Guildford Cathedral
Stag Hill

Saturday 24th June
10.30am - 4pm

Entry fee £2 under 14's are free.  Dogs welcome in the grounds.

With over 60 beautiful stalls selling antiques, vintage finds, French textiles and handmade treasures. There is a English style country tea room for drinks, cake and light refreshments.  Bring a picnic and have it in the grounds with far reaching views overlooking the lovely city of Guildford.

Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I love sunny summer mornings. I'm up, washed and dressed to catch to the early morning sun. The best mornings are the quite mornings when all you can hear is the busy buzzing bees collecting pollen like last Saturday.

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Oh yes Julie! Exactly it! You have captured it beautifully in my mind.
      Enjoy your day
      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Just dropped by to say hello. As always love all your work. Love the way you express yourself. Hope you are well. Hugs, Diane xx

    1. So lovely to hear from you Diane and thank you for your kind words

      Sarah xx

  3. Hi Sarah, you do paint such a lovely picture with your words! I can picture perfectly, the scene you are revealing with each word. I have, as you know been struggling to find time to create, but this evening I spent at the workshop of a friend. I was so stressed today when I arrived home, I didn't want to do anything, but of course I had committed to this so off I toddled. Three hours later the most gorgeous sun hat. I felt utterly restored. The power of the stitch really isn't it! Love, Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo

      As you say the power of the stitch, it is relaxing and your mind can wander and meander with the thread. I am so pleased it made you feel up lifted.

      Hopefully you will be able to find time to create again soon.

      love Sarah xxx