Monday 26 June 2017

Hand embroidery and stunning fabrics ... what more does a girl need!

Close your eyes and feel the Summer breeze
Take in the aroma of freshly cut grass
and the heady scent of lavender in the air.
Summer Stitching in the garden!
Bliss ...

We had the most lovely weekend and I hope that you all did as well.  As you know I attended The Summer Brocante by Love Lane Vintage but I have to sort through the photos and collate them as well as load them on to my laptop.  I will be showing you that tomorrow as it is something that I have
to sort through today.

Sometimes I get to do it on a Sunday but we were asked to look after a friends spaniel on Sunday and well I was not going to pass that treat up.  Jake is gorgeous and he loves playing ball and is full on and I wiled away happily doing just that with him ....  So tomorrow I will let you all know about the fair and you are in for a treat.  I will be doing something a little different so watch this space...

I am going to sort the photos later but this morning I am going to stitch stitch stitch I really am loving the quiet time stitching and sorting through fabrics for my designs.  I do like my eight hours sleep but I think sorting through fabrics and buttons could keep me awake until the wee small hours and I would not get sleepy!

Vintage old paper and gorgeous fabrics have been my new combination of late and I have done a few designs on that theme.  If it is going in a frame that you can combine with out any worry of not being able to wash an item.  As you all know I have a love of hares as well and have been playing with
ideas around them.

Loving the freedom to plan, create and try out my ideas is a real joy and one that I do not take for granted, that my husband goes to the salt mines (as we call his work) and enables me to do my lovely job and stay at home is such a wonderful opportunity for me and I appreciate it daily.  All the seasons bring the joy of it to me as I can watch them change and with it gives me ideas to make and create.

Doing magazine work and having to think months in advance sometimes is not easy but I got so much done before Christmas last year it was if I knew this year may be difficult somehow.  I have to start working on Autumn and Christmas this week so in the sun I have to draw on my journals and sketches from last year and see what I can make that is a little different and that would, I hope, appeal to the makers out there.

This is what the little leaves has been all about and I want to try and finish that picture/sampler this
week if possible.  I am well in advance for Christmas as I was working on the Christmas sampler earlier this year and I am practically finished on that one.  Summer is here and I would like to get down on the beach a few evening in the next few weeks to sketch and get some summer ideas on the go...    I have a few sketches from when we were in America last ( seems an age ago - it was 2015) Our friends came to us last year but we are still deciding what to do this year because of Mum.  That said I took so many photos and did lots of doodles with ideas in the margins that I have some material to work from.  Although I would love to go back this year as I miss it and the break would do us the world of good .. we will see.

I wanted to show you some ribbon I made out of a piece of old vintage very pretty fabric.  It was in stripes so I decided it would make better ribbon than cut out for applique.  I am very pleased with the results and it is all wrapped around old pegs and stashed away for use in my armoire... I keep opening the door and looking at them so I though I would take a photo for you to see what you think.

I am loving the greens with the little roses and all the variations of the fabric.  The one right at the top on the far left is plain and will be just right for a border to embroider on to in a little garden patch say on a picture/sampler...

What do you think?  I am looking for some red and white fabric in stripes similar so that I can make ribbons or different widths and slight different patterns now as well ..

Well that is it for today I hope that you can join me tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day whatever you are doing and I am away to my stitching oh I hear Percy chirping in the garden he is slightly late today ...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. That all sounds heavenly. I do so envy you your job. I got to spend a fe hours at the weekend making some scented hearts from old linen and that was blissful. What magazines do you feature in? I would love to see your finished creations in print - I could say "oh yes, I know Sarah! Her work is sublime" I am getting closer to retiring - a wee bit early I hasten to add - and spending time creating - and hopefully selling! Looking forward to seeing the pics form the fair - we intended to go, but I just had too much on - next one definitely. Live, Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo
      I do a lot for American magazines Somerset Life there ... they do not sell it here it's about $10 I think now not sure ...

      I will be showing more on here of my work anyway soon... but when we meet up I can bring my
      copies of the magazine I have.

      I hope it's not been too stressful today and roll on more creative time for you soon.

      Thank you for your kind words, as always! I hope you enjoy tomorrow's read ..

      Sarah xxx

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