Thursday 15 June 2017

Slow stitching progress, one tiny stitch at a time....

Creative is not the way I think
but the way I like to live.
I hope I inspire others to
create and make as well..

The passion that I have for what I do is boundless, each day I awake and love the thought of going to my sewing room and stitching and having ideas for the next and the next and the next project, I see designs in everything and wish I had several pairs of hands sometimes ... although clothes might be a
problem !

Whilst clearing my sewing room for the last few weeks I found things that I had forgotten about like these amazing magnetic needle holders I bought years ago from Debbie Mumm and I not only think they are so pretty but so very useful as well ..  I found a heart, a pin cushion and Noah's Ark, they now are in full use again.

Slow stitching gives me time to let my mind wander as well as achieving a finished bespoke item for the home ... Home is where we all should love to be and it should be individual to us and cosy warm and inviting I always feel, I like to think I add that to peoples homes in my own little way with designs for others to stitch themselves...

Our homes are an extension of ourselves and for my husband and I we like to choose together, I feel it is important that he feels that at the end of a very long day ( his hours are totally bonkers most weeks) that he loves coming home to that feel of cosy, warm and a place to let the pressures of his day drift away ...  He totally gets my vintage love and he himself goes off and finds gorgeous quilts and light fittings etc for our home.  He also came home with the most lovely antique light for our study/snug and that is another thing that is going up this weekend I hope.

With my designs and patterns that I produce I like to think others can create from them and with a simple addition like choosing their own choice of fabrics and their colours they have made it unique to them and that will fit into their space and lifestyle.

Another favourite of mine is seahorses I think they are such magical and regal creatures of the deep.
 If I had never seen one for myself I would say it was a myth because they are such a strange animal but so very beautiful.  It is how I started, making a seahorse picture for our bathroom as I could not find what I loved.  I feel I should re invent another design as well for others to make..

Well I am starting to make a little progress on the stitching front and things are starting it get done.  It will take a week or so for things to get finished but I feel better in myself that the progress is
beginning to show and I feel a sense of achievement finally after a long few months.  I actually can not believe that nearly half our year is over and that I am so far behind in my designs, but Mum had to come first.  She is settled and happy and her face lights up when my sister and I visit.  Funny story, my husband came to see her after work and he had a suit on with tie and the trimmings as I like to call it with his long grey wool coat on ( it was a rainy chilly day) and she smiled and shouted his name, then turned around for all the nurses to hear and said this is my son in law he is a Doctor don't you know!!!

The nurses  all looked at me and Andrew and said Oh we didn't know, at which point we both shook our head and mouthed he is not! ... it was so funny but now in my mums eyes he is a Doctor and we have been told not to say other wise, disagreeing with what they think with this decease is not encouraged.... it did make us laugh.  She also that particular day asked how old I was and when I said she said well that can not be right as she was only 35! and then started counting on her fingers but not in order, it is sad but amusing some days because if she is happy we just go with the flow ....

Sometime over the weekend I have to go through my embellishment box, it is a huge 64 litre clip and lock box and has all the lace, hankies, monograms, vintage embroidery bits old French initial laundry ribbons in.  With tiny antique crochet buttons and gorgeous bits like that in it.  I need a few things from their for my project baskets and it happens to be the third box down so some moving around and muscles are needed!  I can see it taking an hour or so at least because it is like a treasure trove to me and not to be rushed, treasure is treasure and should be loved and looked at !  grin...

The Love Lane Vintage fair is coming up on the 23rd and 24th of June and this month I have not managed to do a list of fairs I am afraid but it will resume in July so if you know of any in that month please get in touch, the usual date, day, time, entry fee, dogs allowed or not and full address please.

Love Lane Vintage
Cowdray Estate
West Sussex GU29 9Al

TICKETS  Friday 23rd June
Early Bird £12.50  9.30am - 5pm
Standard £7.50  10.30am - 5pm

Saturday 24th June
Standard Tickets £7.50 10am - 5pm

Children Free, Dogs welcome and Free parking.

So this is the details of the next one I know of and that I am attending this month, as I say I am looking for July dates if anyone is interested in it being listed on here in the next two weeks.

Well that it is it for today and I am away to my sewing so I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Oh that's lovely with your mum and your husband.

    Enjoy going through your box.

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes bless her, she still makes me laugh and when I laugh it is infectious because so does she!

      Sarah xxxxxx

  2. Sarah,I also feel the same way about seahorses, funny isn't it. Thank you for joining me to the vintage group. Fancy you marrying a doctor! My friend and I always say that we wish we'd married doctors so they could deal with all our health anxieties. As long as your hubby doesn't start believing it himself! I also have the same love of home that you do. I like going on holiday but we only ever go for a week because I'm wanting to come home. Enjoy your slow stitching. Love Dawn x

    1. Oh Dawn we have so much in common including love of all animals.

      No Andrew does not believe he is a doctor lol he said he has the up most respect for that profession who work hours to save lives but get no real recognition ....

      I love going on holiday and love coming home but it is then when you get back how you appreciate all the creature comforts that are individual and special to us isn't it ?

      Loving my slow stitching and in my tidy space but also this gorgeous weather in the garden.

      Love Sarah xx

  3. Such a lovely post Sarah. I love finding lost treasures- the magnets are simply divine. I did laugh at your tale of your mum and Andrew. I worked many years as a nurse and do have very similar memories of caring for people with Dementia - sad, but also many light hearted moments such as that which you describe - all precious! of course in those days we did not have the vast knowledge and understanding of this disease as we do now. I am so excited - we are going to loves Lane at Midhurst on the Saturday - I am absolutely beyond excited and Jimmy has been warned that I am filling the car!! Happy slow stitching. Mo xxx

    1. Thank you Mo so pleased you enjoyed the post.
      Oh Maureen I will surely come across you at the show as I will be there on Saturday as well! We will recognise each other as if we both should have tails we would be wagging them!
      Will bump into you there I am sure ....
      Safe journey, Andrew has been told the same as Jimmy ... lol

      Sarah xxxx