Friday 24 February 2017

With my needle & thread ....

With  Love  In  Every Stitch
there is also joy and care.

Yesterday the weather was really wet and blustery early in the morning and then as if by magic it stopped raining and full sun was out, although very windy still.  But the light became great.  I had decided to design because of poor light but by 9 o'clock it was all change.  So I got a basket and
started to sew.  The thing is when you get such good and natural light it is time to stitch and of course to take any photos, you have to be flexible and savour each day and what it throws at you.

I have so many ideas rattling around my head and so much going on that I live by my lists and journals.  I am so pleased to write things down because it clears the cobwebs in the mind.  I feel half the battle when we have so much to do is making a list and just doing one thing at a time and putting a line through it when it's done.  The sense of achievement is immense and it helps our brain have a spring clean.

I love my Sajou scissors and pins( pictured above) and love using them, it makes the stitching all the more special somehow.  I have several pairs of embroidery scissors, you will be shocked to know! but these are my favourites to actually use.  I love all the different pairs though and they are great for photography as staging .... I am a big fan of not only things need to be useful but beautiful to me as well.  

For me when I design I have to fall in love with it a little even if it is for someone else.  I truly believe if you do not like it yourself as the designer and stitcher that it will never be your best work.  It would be so difficult for me to be able to work with fabrics I really did not like.

When I am hand sewing tiny little stitches or French knots or even split stitch I am so happy and smiling, I enjoy what I do and am so lucky to be doing this.  When I start a new project it is exciting and I know that I am grinning getting it all ready to take the first stitch.  It is no wonder that at the end of the day my mouth hurts from just grinning to myself, I often wonder if people could see me that they would not think I was a poor thing who was dotty, stitching and talking to the animals in the garden through out the day.

The saga of my sewing room that looks like world war III has been fought and lost in it, it started obviously when I lost some things because I  did not put them back where I should have!! my fault entirely.. well today I am going to finish sewing at 3.30 and give it a couple of hours.  Now that I am feeling better I will enjoy it more.  For 3 weeks now every little thing has been a chore as I have had little to no energy but it is coming back.  I also do not feel so cold, I have warm hands again so going into the war zone will be more enjoyable now that I am not freezing, shaky and cold.  I will enjoy going through everything again.  The buttons draws are in need of a little sorting too.  Some order is needed in my sewing room and good clean.  There are some things I know I do not need or want anymore so I will be clearing out as well.
I found these dear tiny cotton spools the other day and feel they should not be in a draw so I am going to change some thing around that are on display so that everything gets to see light of day.  I really do not think I could bare to use these but I also could not bare that they sit in the back of a drawer buried for no one to see .... that would be a crime! treasure is to be loved as well.

I have my list of things to achieve today so I must away and get going on it.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will report back to you on Monday with hopefully headway on my sewing room and on some stitching! nothing like lists and goals is there?

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. I think you and I should get together with the saga of the sewing room......sounds like a good title for book! I gave another lot of stuff away today to my friend Claire for her classes for special needs adults and children, so I know my stuff will used and not just dumped!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh my room is getting worse right now .. going to have a day off next week to tackle it!
    Yes a book ... A year in the life of our sewing rooms & the stories it holds!!! Best seller I think!
    I have to do the same some selling and some to friends etc ... I need to clear the decks ! Lol
    Sarah xxxxx

  3. Why is it, that no matter how tidy and organised my work space is, I still manage to misplace some things? I can't wait to move my sewing room downstairs to be closer to my quilt room. Perhaps then fewer things will go missing! Lx

  4. Laura mine is about space I have outgrown it! Boxes piled etc... got to get rid of lots of thing! ..
    Get some organisation.....
    sigh !
    I am tackling it this week I hope .. if there a few distractions.... xxxx