Monday 6 February 2017

Cold Winter Stitchery Days ....

Light the fire and candles
Make a warm drink and settle
down in a cosy chair by the fireside
and stitch ....

I have to say that this year (touch wood) I really have not been bothered with my yearly cold, cough and chest infection and I am so pleased I said to someone the other day!!   I Spoke too soon! but I always get it before Christmas and as early as October but so far we are into February and I have escaped all the nasty bugs that I have heard friends go down with.  I was wondering if it is my cinnamon tea drinking and
my taking of Manuka honey daily this year that has made the difference or indeed the Hygge life style that I am living this Winter.  Alas I have a full blown cold, cough and streaming eyes! .... 

I light candles everywhere on these dark days, turn on the fairy lights and make the house glow with warmth and it makes my mood very happy and cosy.  I can report that my final project of 2016 is practically done now so this week will see the start of the new projects.  Now the dilemma for me is
'which one to start' honestly I am a case !!  But now it's like trying to stitch under water! My eyes are streaming .. all this has slowed me up!   ..

Fabrics in January have been bought from the internet from a handful of sellers that know me and I have got some beauties too, to add to my collection to choose from for projects this year.  I have some gorgeous bits of this vintage tiny hexagon quilt fabric some smaller bits and larger and I am in love with it.  I am so happy to have some great contacts who know my taste!

With being able to be here all day today I think my project will be finished for the framer and I can start to decide which project to start and have the final decisions on fabrics, buttons and design.  I am so excited which seems daft but it feels like I felt at the new year at school getting a new art book with all the wonderful blank pages to fill ... I used to love it so much and feel exactly the same now... I am hoping that this stinker of a cold is not going to stop my plans! We shall see.

Loving all the possibilities that a new design brings and getting from sketches to fabrics is one of my favourite things so tomorrow will probably be the day that I get started.

As you can see I have been busy getting in more eiderdown and paisley fabrics before the world shortage comes ( that is my story and I am sticking to it!) I tend to gather these kind of fabrics when I see them and for the price I am happy to pay.

I have a few bits of the paisley fabric here shown above, but also I managed to secure a bundle of vintage eiderdown fabric as well, on the left.  This is one of my favourite patterns and colour ways so when this sweet bundle was being offered to me, well I made room in my precious fabric draw for it and awaited its arrival.!

In addition there was a good piece of really lovely vintage quilt in light reddish/pink with a white pattern on it and I do not have any like this.  I think it is exquisite so this is now wrapped in tissue with a label on it and is safely in the quilt pieces box ...

As yet undecided what I will be using it for but you can rest assured it will be used at some point as it has a simple beauty about it and a care worn appeal. Soft to the touch also so I will have a good think about it.

Well that is it for today's stitchery ramble as I must get on and try to finish the project.  I will be back tomorrow so hopefully I will see you back here then.  Have a wonderful day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Hope you feel better soon

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Do you know Sarah, I do a stained glass class every Monday evening and we have become a lovely wee group who all get on so well. At class tonight we were saying how much we loved Monday on account of the class - your wee blog is simply the icing on the Monday cake. I do so look forward to it. I do hope this cold of yours takes the hint and leaves soon, there really is little that's more inconveniencing than streaming eyes and nose. Take care, Mo xx

  3. Hi Mo!
    Wow what a great class to be part of! And thank you for your kind words about the blog, when I get feedback like this it's all worth it...
    My cold/flu is taking hold but trying to fight it! It annoys me when I feel unwell...
    Thank you for all your feedback Mo .. it means so much.
    Sarah xxx