Thursday 16 February 2017

Loving being back to sewing by the open fire! .. on the mend.

..**Gorgeous vintage fabrics, buttons, lace and 
hand dyed embroidery silks
with gorgeous vintage patchwork pieces..**

All is well with the world, my life is back in balance.  My cold, although it is still trying to hang on is much better and I can actually see without my eyes watering .. My blurry world has gone and I have spent a while threading up needles just to show off to myself!! well not just that as I am going to get down to some serious stitching today in front of the fire.  I am still feeling the cold even if the temperature has risen slightly .. Yesterday the skies opened and the rain was really heavy, I watched Miss Muddy Beak stand her ground with two robins.  She was digging around in the border for juicy worms and they had dared to come too near to what she considers her territory ... It did make me smile and she was braving heavy rain too.  Normally in a down pour like that the garden is empty of birds, so she must have been hungry....

In addition to what I was finishing  I found two more unfinished pieces when I was sorting through my work room that I had started in a playful kind of way but I want to finish these I think as well,  I am being very strict with myself .... It is a very hard thing to do but it will pay off in the end as the excitement builds to start a fresh for 2017.

Having so many ideas jumping around my head and getting on to pages of my design journal I may just let myself start them next week and finish the other two another time as these were experimental anyway. ( already talking myself into starting a new) Personally I am stitching something for me but that is at weekends just because so that is not in the must finish basket at this point in time.

I have some gorgeous fabrics to create with and I have been trying to sort them out into some sort of order as you know .. its getting there.

Colours were the way forward to go when I started tidying the drawers of fabrics.  Pinks, Reds, Blues and Greens then I thought I can put some order into the ticking and stripe fabrics that I have as well and this seems to be working.  I do have rather a lot of fabrics but I know they will never come again so it worth collecting and then I have some great choices in my work and for when I start some classes too.  Others can choose to use some of the wonderful fabric that I have started to collect over the last 2 years .....

Whilst looking through my fabrics I came across a small bag with tiny bits of fabrics that I could not bare to throw away and I had forgotten about completely.  Pushed to the back of a drawer so I got those out and had a look at them and then had an idea as well so that bag is now on my work table ready to have a little play with.  When I say scraps of fabric, there is not enough to cut a tiny heart out of the pieces as they are more like strands really ... Fabric pieces that I have used for commission work and no longer have any left in my stash so it was like walking down a fabulous fabric memory lane.  I really hate throwing away beautiful fabrics even if it is just ' tippets for mice!'  

I have some bundles of fabric tied with a little bit of fabric that has length to it and is almost falling apart with the fraying because it is so thin but hey it makes me happy!

Talking of Happy did you all have a great Valentines Day?  I was a very lucky girl and had two wonderful flower
bouquets delivered.  My favourite colour in flowers is white and green and I had the most beautiful huge bunch with white roses and snow berries along with eucalyptus as well and then to my utter surprise I had a red bunch as well with red roses and gypsophila  ... explanation later in the day from my husband was he wanted to get me my favourite colours but then thought it was not very valentiney being that they were not red so he ordered me both ... the house is now filled with gorgeous flowers .  I had opted to not go out to dinner with my cold so I cooked in and was really pleased that I did as it was raining all evening and we were sat in eating steak and salad and I had made a peach cobbler for desert and a great bottle of wine, which I could actually taste as the cold is on the mend The fires were going and the candles were lit and we talked about our day and also about the possibility that this is the year we find our forever house, which is our favourite topic of conversation at the moment. .... It was a lovely evening.

Well that is it for today I hope that you have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Glad you are feeling better.

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Glad to hear you are finally on the mend.
    There is nothing more exciting than finding an old project or bags of fabric that you'd put away for a future project and then forgotten about. It brings back such excitement and re-ignites the passion for that piece you're working on.
    I have a tub full of UFOs (UnFinished Objects) and I learnt the other day that I can now brag that I currently have 7 PhDs! Yes, 7 Projects Half Done!! Tee-hee!
    Happy creating and bion weekend to you, Lx

  3. Hi Laura
    Well I am glad I am not the only one! It's the excitement of starting a fresh .. what I need is to design and get others to help stitch like others do. I have noticed that in books that it names other stitchers!
    I need to be an octopus.. stitch several at once!
    Feeling more human now although I am dreadfully tired!

    Take care

    Sarah xx