Tuesday 21 February 2017

Photo copy fabric sheets and delicious trade cards of yesteryear!

I dreamt I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke.
 Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly,
 or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?

I feel a wall hanging coming on with these beauties ... I would like to piece it all together and then get it professionally quilted.  I have a friend Suzy and she is an amazing quilter and she taught me a stitch the ditch .... yes I know the language I just can not speak it if you like.  Basically it is when you quilt in the seams and it is harder than you may think but believe me to get it to look good, well that is another story all together.
couple of years ago.  Because of her I finished a lap quilt with butterfly fabric and I love it.  She would say to me ( and if she is reading this she will phone me up) you can quilt it Sarah I showed you how on your machine.  The thing is I am not that an experienced  quilter so when I have pieced this together I think it would look best with  the quilting term

So the first photo is one which is upright and possibly it might be in the very middle of the the wall hanging.  The others are all the other way.  I thought that I would cut them all out and then add a vintage French linen border... there might be some
word embroidery on some of them as well.

As you can see they come out beautifully don't they.  I have done some and had to buy a few as well as I do not own the whole collection of these beautiful antique cards ....

What could be better and more unique than 1920's ladies with butterfly wings ... the colours have come out beautifully and I think it will make a beautiful wall hanging.  With 12 of the panels being length wise and a upright panel in the middle ... I have four to choose from but have just shown you one.

These are the other half of the twelve and are just as beautiful but I do have my favourites of course.

Sorry with some of the photos as I have not pressed them all yet and so there are a few creases that show up in the photography but you get the general idea I think.

Now you have seen them you can understand why the quilting part out to be 'stitching the ditch' and not go across the pictures ... it would ruin it I believe and I think as a wall hanging it would be a real show stopper.

I am still trying to find the packaging of the sheets that I buy, I think I binned them but I know that I have another full pack, its finding it at the moment.  With all the drawers out that are being sorted I can hardly move in there right now and I know it will get better if I could put a good few hours into it in the next few days, It is partly time because I like to do this sort of thing when the light has gone for sewing but at the moment I am feeling so very tired.  I tend to have nice warm bath after my day
stitching and get into cosy PJ's and read until my husband comes home.  I missed reading when my eyes were streaming with cold and I am reading such a good book that I am devouring it in front of the fire with a throw over me.

The picture on the left is of a close up of one of the panels and I am thinking of doing a little stitching on each one to bring it to life ( 3D it a little) bring out some details with some invisible stitching and a little embroidery when it has the think wadding tacked to topper when they are all stitched together.

I have also photocopied some other bits to do some pictures with and they are more stitchery trade cards but with details brought out with some hand stitching and embroidery I think they will look lovely in my sewing room ( for our forever home) then I hope to have a much larger sewing studio and the walls can have all sorts of stitchery memorabilia on them...

I promise to make a conservative effort to find my missing packet of photocopy fabric sheets ... because not only have I promised them to you but its annoying me that for the moment I have lost them and they are not cheap to buy .... I should be more careful putting things away.

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed a little look at one of my personal projects that I wish to get started on and I will be back here on Thursday - Hoping to feel more energised by then too.   I do not think the cold weather helps as I go into hibernation mode and Hygge  is most definitely my life style right now ...

Have a great day and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Very pretty pictures.

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie I adore them and think a wall hanging might be really lovely .. personal project so will see where it takes me xxxx

  2. OMG, those panels are stunning!! I love butterflies and those are just too gorgeous with the element of Art Deco about them. I love your idea of the wall hanging, can't wait to see it. Lx

    1. Hi Laura
      Well thank you! Yes I think a wall hanging would be fab. Going to make the top and then ask you if you would quilt it for me and do binding ... it's a personal project so not a priority but want to start cutting out soon.

      Stitching the ditch is not for me, hope it will be possible with my patchwork skill level!!
      Sarah xx