Monday 13 February 2017

The Quilt Sanctuary ... by Laura Goulding

Those who sleep under a quilt
 sleep under a blanket of love.

I have a real treat for all you quilt lovers out there.  I have been fortunate enough to have been
introduced to a lovely and talented lady by the name of Laura Golding.

We were introduced basically by our respective husbands because they work together.  Now I know us ladies chat but very rarely do the men chat about maybe what their wives do for a living but by happy coincidence our gorgeous pair support us both and are proud of what we do .. thus a friendship has been born.

So why not get yourself a warm drink and enjoy a little tour in to Laura's world of quilts in her own words and have a look at some of the fabulous things that she makes.  The Quilt Sanctuary offers a long arm quilting service as well so if you love to make a patchwork quilt but do not have either the time, skill or just feel that on a small machine it might be a little daunting then contact this lovely lady and have a chat.

Both of us know we are so lucky that we do the jobs we love because as I have said before when you do a job you love, you will never work a day in your life ....
 Laura not only offer the professional service of Long Arm Quilting but also sells quilting supplies.

The first picture is the award winning sampler quilt that is on the Long Arm Quilter ready to be quilted It is a stunning quilt as I think you will agree.

Enough of me and enjoy your read and marvel at this lady's talent ......

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for the opportunity to have a chat with you.

As you know I’m the owner of The Quilt Sanctuary and we offer a Professional Long Arm Quilting Service. We also sell some gorgeous Jane Makower fabric, extra wide backing fabric, wadding and various other quilting supplies.

I’ve been a keen sewer for many years and was making my own clothes from the age of 11. My first introduction to Patchwork was when a school teacher taught me English Paper Piecing and I made a Hexagon Flower cushion for my Mum. Back in those days I knew little about fabric and patchwork techniques, but have certainly learnt a lot since then! 

I took a Sampler Patchwork Course during the 90’s and from there I have continued to explore Patchwork and Quilting in all its forms by participating in many workshops as well as designing quilts at home.

I’ve always enjoyed hand stitching including cross-stitch and silk ribbon embroidery. I recently incorporated some of these stitches and techniques in my ‘African Alphabet’ wall hanging, which I thoroughly enjoyed creating and stitching.
(pictured on the right)

On the 1st March it will be The Quilt Sanctuary’s 1st birthday and we have so many new fabrics and exciting events coming up in 2017. As well as teaching a Beginners Patchwork Course towards the end of the year, I’ve been requested by various Quilt Groups and other organisations to deliver talks and/or workshops throughout the year. I also hope to set up my own Quilting Bee soon.

Some of my latest projects have involved a couple of Quillows, which were specially commissioned for Christmas gifts, 2 sets of Table Runners, Place Mats and Coasters for sale, in between quilting customer quilts.

I’m originally from South African and have travelled expensively throughout the world and love seeing traditional crafts first hand, especially fabrics. I’m now settled in the stunning Snowdonia National Park, Wales and my environment inspires me every day.

We have a website under and a Facebook page and Instagram account, both under The Quilt Sanctuary name.

You really can’t go wrong when you’re doing something you love. And I love Patchwork and Quilting!

Thank you,

I would like to thank Laura for supplying all these beautiful photos of her work and I really hope you have enjoyed taking a little peek into The Quilt Sanctuary.  We are going to see it this year and spend some time with Laura and her family and I can not wait to have a look at the supplies that are for sale as well as any quilt that may be ready in that magnificent Long Arm Quilter machine.  I am sorry that the link in blue that was supplied does not seem to work on here for you just to click on but it is well worth jotting it down and going and having a look.  There are lovely photos on the Facebook page as well as on Instagram and its worth following Laura and keeping up with her news of any up and coming courses that will be on offer later in the year with the added bonus of the gorgeous surroundings that is peaceful and beautiful and a great place to learn and be creative.....

Well I hope you have enjoyed today's stitchery read and I hope you have a wonderful.  This has inspired me to do a bit more patchwork.

Happy Stitching! XX



  1. How lovely - there are a dearth of long arm quilters so good to know of another. You are so generous at promoting other makers Sarah. I'm busy handstitching the edge of a PW quilt I have finally finished after two years. It supposed to be for my daughter, but......I can only aspire to Laura's level - how wonderful they look and such skill and attention to detail. Take care, hope the colds gone! Mo xxx

    1. Hi Mo!
      Oh well done finishing your quilt! Feels good when something is finished!
      I love seeing others talents Mo and it's lovely for my readers to see others too!
      My cold is on the mend Mo thank you!
      Sarah xxx

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you so much for your lovely Blog about The Quilt Sanctuary. Like Mo stated above, you're a very generous, loving person to share others work. It most appreciated.
    We can't wait for you come and visit so that I can show you what we're up to!
    I have a feeling that as our respective OH (other halves) introduced us, they may wish to take some credit for our successes!!
    Many thanks again for your support and encouragement and we'll catch up soon.
    Take care, Lxx

    1. Laura
      It was a pleasure to be able to feature your work ...
      Looking forward to coming to see The Quilt Sanctuary....
      catch up soon.
      Sarah Xx

  3. Hi Sarah, I found you here after following a link from Laura's blog. May I compliment you on a lovely blog. Laura is a friend of mine and I agree wholeheartedly that she is a talented stitcher and quilter. I will be adding you to my list of blogs that I follow as I too love Vintage fabrics and notions(I still have my Nanna's buttonbox.) Lorraine AKA Monkey Business and Quilts.