Thursday 23 February 2017

Sewing Bee

Beautiful things come together
one stitch at a time.
Stitching with a friend makes
it perfect.

What a blustery, wet and cold day it is today such a change from yesterday.  Yesterday was a fabulous google for her.  She is shy about her talent but her quilts are so beautiful and there is one of hers in particular that I covet and if she is reading this today she will be grinning as I am sure she must check its still there when I leave her and her gorgeous dog Phoenix, the most adorable cockapoo with an age old soul ......
day because I got to spend it with a great friend of mine, Suzy.  Suzy is an incredible lady with sewing a quilting talents that are some what awesome!  She is known for her teaching in this area and lots of people go to Suzy for quilting advice.  She is also known as Quilted Happiness, have a

I was there with her from 10am until 2pm and making bias binding, picking her brains, drinking
coffee and laughing.  She has a huge sewing room as she used to have a long arm quilting machine but decided on a swap for a super duper but smaller quilting machine and she loves it.  To see her quilt a huge quilt on it is unreal with all that fabric surrounding her and the machine, makes my heart palpitate at the very thought of it.  I watched a video she made and Suzy is tiny and all this fabric swamping her and the machine but she is never fazed at all.

Firstly I had to go into my sewing room which so needs to be tidied but just need to sew right now so it has a slot over the weekend again to keep going on it.  It is being done draw by draw and cupboard and box by cupboard and box.  It has got worse before it gets better but I know it will be so much better when I am finished.
Anyway I went to my paisley draw because some fabrics were needed for me to do this at Suzy's.  It is so much fun stitching together a real little sewing Bee. Suzy is the lady that taught me how to do mitered corners as well and how to sew some great seams, she is a patient teacher and a perfectionist and I am so honoured to call her a friend ...
patchwork, not wedding ring, bear paw things like that but basic patchwork and she taught me well.  Also

Well I had a bit of a choice of fabrics but I settled for taking only 6 different ones and then I could choose what I thought would look best on something I am stitching at the moment.

Phoenix all the while is either curled up asleep in the sewing room with us or having a tummy tickle from me, I adore dogs, well all animals as you know but this little chap is such a calm and gorgeous boy.  His eyes you could drown in and he was very interested in my hand when I had a it shut with lots of pins in it ... he thought is maybe cheese, I was informed, because he is partial to a little of that on occasions ...

Well what is lovely is next week he is with me for the day as Suzy has to be out all

day so I will have to get my sewing room done by then because that is where he is used to being.. if not I am sure that me sat hand stitching on the sofa with the fire would please him equally, just so long as he is with you he is happy.

As you can see from the bundle of delicious fabrics here on the left I had a hard job with the choice part but in the end I took just six and had a great time.  Also some hand stitching .....

It would normally of been my day for sketching and design but I was not going to pass up such a day and since my cold is leaving me and I felt much better and the sun was out, well it was a really lovely change to my day but still very productive.  We are going to do more of it too, I will be going back to do the same in a few weeks.  Suzy has a much larger sewing room than me so it fits us in beautifully and she always has an ironing board and iron up for pressing .... fabulous!

Well that is it for today and I hope you all have a wonderful day whatever you are up to.  If any of you have a friend who you can stitch with on occasions than I can highly recommend it to you because sewing and laughter is very good for the soul.

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. It must be catching! I'm sorting my craft room too, cupboard, draw, floor (don't ask) a little daily. I gave a load of stuff away yesterday and another lot tomorrow and do know the more with better I am feeling....

    Julie xxxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      Yes I know what you are saying. I have collected over the years but there are some things I know are not me anymore but others would love so I am going to be doing the same.

      I need to clear the cobwebs as it were and now that I am feeling lots better it is something that I must do for my own piece of mind ...

      I hope you have a great day.

      Sarah xxxxx

  2. Sorry - The last line should read......

    the more I give away the better I am feeling

  3. There is nothing better than being surrounded by like minded people, doing something you love and having a giggle too. I miss my Quilting Bee, so I guess I'll just have to set up my own one here! Lx

    1. Laura you should! It was just me and Suzy but we have a lovely time.
      Something about stitching with others that enjoy creating..
      Sarah xx

  4. Funnily enough Sarah, three friends and myself have started a sewcial gathering once a month - first meeting today - such fun we had, sharing our 'show and tell' with the addition of lots of laughter, and tea and cake!! Oh, and I have finally finished this flipping PW quilt!! Mo xxx

    1. Oh Mo how wonderful! It's such a joy to be with like minded company and sewing.
      Ooh would love to see quilt ...
      Sarah xxxx

  5. Sarah, I've put a collage of the quilt on Instagram and tagged you! Gives a flavour at least. Xxx

    1. Thank you Mo and I have seen it, it is outstanding! how beautiful you must be really proud.

      Hope to see you on Saturday ..
      Sarah xxx