Friday 17 February 2017

Tiny wee stitches and tippets for mice!

small little hand stitches
snippets of fabrics &
lots of concentration!

After talking to you yesterday I was stitching away by the fire and then I stopped for some soup, I have been taking tablets for my cold and was told they should be taken after food so I have gotten in to the habit you see.  Anyway I then went upstairs for a embroidery thread that I needed and that is where it all seemed to go a little wry ....

There was was the bag of the tiny bits of fabrics and I could see some little bits of lace trimmings in there too ... I got distracted a little and then tipped it out into a bowl to have a a proper look at what was in this bag of treasure that had been forgotten in a draw for far to long, hmmm you guessed it I started to play around with it and that was it the afternoon was gone!

I am hoping that my first real week back next week to working is going to be more productive.  I still have a cough but that does not stop me from stitching.

Not wanting to jinx it being that firstly it is still on February but it looks like Spring is on its way, I ventured out into the garden to feed the birds yesterday because the pair of robins were sat on my kitchen window sill looking in at me.  They really are very tame indeed and it was almost as if they had there beaks open and pointing to their mouths .... So I went out with a big bag of meal worms and other goodies too.  I did have a scarf and coat on but it was noticeably warmer to me.  Not sure we are out of winter just yet mind but it was nice to feel the sun on my face anyway.

Sorry for being a little later today but had some phone calls to attend to about Mum so they had to be taken and as you know these things are never quick.  I have not seen her for 2 weeks because I do not want to give this to her but I speak to her on the phone and this morning she was very talkative, I think the warmer weather has perked her up as well.

I want to get some serious stitching in today and also continue with the big tidy up in my work room as well, the trouble is I have very little energy right now so really the sewing is my best option because I am sat but being productive at the same time ... the bad patient in me gets cross with no energy ...

I am looking forward to the start of all the vintage fairs this year and I will be at the Vintage Bazaar in March, would have loved to gone to some this weekend but feel it would be a bit silly as I am not
fully recovered and I do not want to go backwards at all.  So my goal is the VB  on Saturday 4th of March and it would be fabulous to meet some of you there if you are going.... promise I will not be contagious by then!!

If any of you are going to a vintage event this weekend then please let me know where you went and how it was I would be very interested to here about it.  Well I think I must get to my stitching and not get distracted today if possible, although I am loving playing with the little bits of fabrics. Have a great weekend whatever you are up to and I will see you back here on Monday ...

Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Funny that, I went to sort out some knitting wool to make cardigans for new grand-daughter, only to find two hours later I came back downstairs with vintage knitting patterns I had been looking through.

    Let me know if Liz the Washerwoman has any fairs at home in the summertime and you might be going...........

    Julie xxxx

    1. Julie
      It is addictive isn't it .. looking through our stashes of creative matter. You can loose hours of the day doing it without knowing that you have spent so much time. It always seems like half an hour and it never ever is!

      It would be lovely to meet up with you this year. I will keep you informed of whats going on when I know ....

      I do know there will be a vintage fair in her village with two others, I missed you there last time so will let you know by email what is happening.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. Gosh it's so easy to get waylaid with fabric stashes isn't it! We (my OH and I) are again driving down to Devizes in March - so enjoyed our first experience in November. Ibam lookjng forward to saying 'hello' to you in person. Mo xxx

    1. Fabulous Mo! Will see you in March and very much looking forward to meeting you XX