Friday 29 May 2015

My red on white hare/rabbit sampler...... nearly finished!

The rabbit or hare symbolises gentleness and purity.

I have been working on finishing some of my personal projects and this one is the one that is getting all the attention right now.  I love samplers as you all know and I simply adore hares so this cross stitch sampler was perfect to stitch for me.  I have neglected it and it is now going to be finished.

It is a red on white one and I have used a beautiful red shaker hand dyed thread for it.  I really enjoy cross stitching as well as other stitching.  I find it so relaxing to do.

The design has used motifs of ones found on samplers from a German sampler of 1738 and an English sampler from 1859.  I simply loved this when I saw it and started it ages ago it seems, well now it is to be finished and framed.

I am going to stitch vintage fabric around the aida to make mine a little different and also I think I may attach an embroidered saying onto some vintage linen and attach that to the fabric.  I am not sure but I think I am going to embroider the words ' Old and dear is this house here'  but I do not have to decide yet, what I must concentrate on is finishing this beauty.  There are 16 buttons attached to this
beautiful sampler and I have chosen some stunning little antique carved mother of pearl ones to stitch on to mine.

In the picture of the sampler (on the pattern) they have framed it in a white modern frame but I am going for something different.  When I have finished it I will up date you with photos.... It will take me a week, I think to finish and then I have to choose the fabric and attach it before taking it to the framers for a professional job.  As you can see from the photo on the right I have some gapes to fill.  On the photo above I have to put three tiny buttons above the squiggly line on the right!

This is the picture on the pattern with the frame that they have chosen.  I think a different frame and some fabric added as a border.... My own personal touch to this beautiful cross stitch picture.

So think of me after hours here working on this and at weekend, then with a clear conscience I can start my log cabin vintage fabric quilt squares...... ( still waiting for the ruler!!.. )

I am starting to make and finish bits for our house move ( when we decide to go) ... I also must finish stitching some bits for publication!... I am a busy bee indeed.

Do not forget tomorrow is Stitch of the week day and it is a great one so do not forget to come back.

Have a great weekend all and Happy Stitching!

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