Tuesday 5 May 2015

More vintage Paisleys! ... I couldn't help myself

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!
and for me it is paisley....

I am not really sure why I have such a fondness for paisley, I think because they are normally old eiderdowns that have too many holes to repair and then the fabric is rescued and cut up.  Eiderdown fabrics are generally small paisley patterns that have faded with time and are love worn... This makes the fabric soft and beautiful to use.

There are so many paisley's and colours and when I see some, well I am afraid I just can not resist the temptation.. Its my weakness!

Well this s no exception to the rule, except there was some vintage linen pieces in the bag as well.  I found this little exquisite bundle on Ebay and it has arrived.  Beautifully pressed and clean and ready to make into something wonderful.  Can you see all the different types and colours ...

One of the linens is really lovely and cut into just the right length and width for me to make a wall hanging sampler with.  There is a different weave at the sides
of the linen and it makes it like a very pretty pattern so that is what I am going to use it for.

 It has come out like lines and is perfect for something I have in mind for later in the year.  So this will be packed away separately and labelled for that .. then it is easy to find again and is safe.

There are two more bits of linen in this little bundle and one is heavier and weighty ... I do not know what to use this for yet but never fear the right design will come along and this beauty will be used.

I love getting the post when I know I am waiting for some fabrics... It is like Christmas!

So today after a weekend of relaxation and some sketching I think I have just the design for some of this fabric.  So I am off to my stitching room to sort which of these will be going in a beautiful vintage picture .... Have a great day and I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Happy Stitching!

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