Monday 25 May 2015

how to make a silk ribbon embroidered pin cushion ..... tutorial

Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone!

As it is the Bank Holiday I thought a little tutorial for you.  This is a great tutorial and worth the watch.  Make a warm drink and enjoy.  It shows you from start to finish how to make this and teaches you how to embroider ribbon roses as well.

Also how you can colour in ribbon with special pens .... as this is not an item for washing it works very well indeed.
This lady uses ribbon for the leaves in the tutorial as well, personally I like it with embroidered type leaves, not formal ones but stitches to suggest them.... take a look at what I mean and then you choose! (picture on the left here)

I hope you are all having a wonderful long weekend we have been ( I will let you know all about it later in the week)

We have to leave wonderful Devon later today to make our way home but we have had such a wonderful time....

Hey Ho and back to work tomorrow.... I have missed my stitching though!

Enjoy the rest of your day and I hope you enjoy your watch of something different.


  1. I just love this Sarah! Thank you so much for sharing, that's a definite project on my list.

    1. I am so pleased.... I thought it was beautiful as well. It would make a beautiful gift at Christmas for stitching buddies!

      I have bought some ribbon to give the roses a go!

  2. Thanks for sharing this tutorial for making a silk ribbon embroidered pin. I will share this with my friends now. I am sure they can utilize this tutorial in an effective way.

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