Friday 28 October 2016

Vintage Darned Patches ....

Little mending stitches
weaved through with gorgeous
vintage coloured threads... its a wow.

The art of darning died a death when clothes became less expensive and we as a nation became a
throw away society.  I am here to try and convince at least some of you that it can look fabulous on
clothes .. a favourite pair of jeans or jacket and of course just to make it into some form of fabric art as well.

Different coloured vintage threads and or fabric could be added as a patch then stitch over ( even in the Kantha stitch way)  It can look really fabulous.  I found this picture of the jeans that had been patched and darned and it gives them such a great look.  I think the older generation might look at it in a different way but I see beauty and uniqueness in this inventive pass time.

This is a practical and beautiful art and can make clothes interesting, pretty and of course unique and in addition to that add it to a piece of fabric art and it brings interest and texture.  I have for a while collected school stitching sample books and there are some lovely darning techniques in some of them.  Of course then it was about being invisible and not letting anyone see that you have had to mend rather than buy new .. today it is a different story and looks sensational for different reasons and projects .. well that is my humble opinion anyway.

You could make shapes out of your darning say on a pair of thick tights you could darn a heart
maybe.  this example of socks I found on the internet to show you look really good and certainly children would love it to be different and colourful.

So I have shown you what can be done with clothes and given you some ideas but how about incorporating a little bit of darning in your work with either threads or wool .. beautiful colours and weaving it through to make it interesting and give texture ... I think that would look great.  So I have tried to find you some examples ...

The picture on the left is an example of patches and darning all in muted colours but of course you could go colourful ...

This is an example I found of colourful darning and patching and it looks really rather fun and pretty.
I think you must just let your imagination run around your head and see where it takes you.

Creative fabric and thread art is such an abstract way of stitching and you could stick with that or indeed just add a little and then you can embroider flowers and add buttons, ribbons and lace ... as I always say 'let your work speak for itself ' and you can make some unique and beautiful pieces for your home or as gifts for loved ones or friends.  I so enjoy getting a homemade gift.  You do not have to embark on a quilt or wall hanging for someone this Christmas but a little picture or tiny A5 wall hanging if you think the recipient would enjoy it ... You can cover a box with some and then it can be used in so many ways .....

As I said in my second part of the textile art blogs ... To build up layers of different fabrics, threads, techniques and stitches adds so much to a project and you can add old keys, buttons, trade cards as
well as lace and other finds you have found.  You can make a picture and incorporate different things and embroidery stitches with colours or muted it starts and stops with your own ideas and imagination and makes some gorgeous one offs can blend or you can go bold the choice at the end of the day is yours.

My last thought for today is also that you could cover a journal for someone with some fabric art and this would make a fabulous gift for  young and older.  I am a journal keeper for most things and when I receive one I am over the moon.

Well that is it for today and I hope you have enjoyed my stitchery ramblings and have got some ideas of your own.  If you do try some of these things please share if you would like because I for one would be very interested and I am sure lots of the readers on here would to.

Happy Stitching! XX

PS .... All photos except the first one which is from my collection were found on google and are not mine, it is just to give you an idea of what people have created with this great stitching technique ... it is not just for invisible mending.


  1. Did you know Sashiko is a form of darning?

    I would though love to make a modern version of a Darning Sampler

    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Hi Julie

      No I did not know that .. something I need to learn about ( a little homework for me!)

      Yes a modern version of a darning sampler would be fabulous wouldn't it ....
      We need to become octopus's so we can do several things at once!!

      Hope you have a good weekend. I am off to the VB
      tomorrow, shame you can not attend.

      Take care.

      Sarah xxxx

  2. I knit socks for me and hubby and I enjoy darning them too and the idea of creating a heart shaped darn is lovely! I often use different coloured yarn as well.

    1. Home knitted socks with a heart shape darn would be fabulous Attila! .. make fabulous presents too!

      Sarah XX

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