Monday 3 October 2016

Trying to stitch but the excitement is building!

Winter is an etching, Spring a watercolour
Summer an oil painting and
Autumn is a mosaic of them all!

Stanley Horowitz

Today I have to try and settle to stitching, it not normally hard as I love what I do but the excitement is building here as our great friends from NY touch down at Heathrow this Friday evening and we can not all contain ourselves.  I am having next week off with them as you all know, but this is a gentle reminder that from next Monday 10th until Monday 17th of October there will be no blogs .. I hope you miss me! :))

So in between stitching there will be some housework stuff to be done, you know like making a bed up and having a dinning room table to eat on, that sort of thing!! So Wednesday this week is cut off point to be able to do that and no designing just house work until its done ... so I may get some time to stitch as well.

I hope they enjoy their Autumn break here in England and the weather has and continues to be wonderful.  The leave are changing and we are going to take them to the New Forest this weekend for a walk and a proper English pub with cold beer ( as my husband would say) ... Also there is a three day trip to Bath as well as London and beyond.

I am in full swing as far as doing some personal stitching and I am enjoying myself immensely working with some superb fabrics and quilt pieces bought in the States!  I think what I am doing will look really beautiful on the upstairs landing of any house and I think they will go up here and not directly into storage because I am so pleased with them for one and two it makes the house so homely with quilts I always think, be it on beds as a whole or parts of old quilts with quilt sayings on ...

My latest parcel from America of quilt pieces are these beauties and you can see the Old School House panels .... or as I call them Home Sweet Homes!  I do love the pieces that you can buy there and in Canada as well.  I know we have great quilts of history here too but luckily they survive as whole but when the quilts are just to far gone to preserve then cutting them into great pieces to be re purposed for stitchery projects I think is a fabulous idea.

I am also loving the red and white patchwork pieces not yet quilted and I will be stitching on these and hand quilting them myself, with, may I add, vintage cotton!  It will be simple quilting but I will no doubt have great fun with it.  From
not really getting into the red and whites I have gone gaga over the colour, especially in quilt form!

Then the blue and white ones that have been so very beautiful there was this panel and so this one came all the way from America to and is going to have a design or saying or both designed just for it and go on display once more!

These will not be stitched this week and are, already, in a design basket with notes pinned to them for ideas so I do not forget what thoughts I have had about them.  The thing is with a week off of not thinking about stitching I may not remember exactly ... although as I have said I will be taking lots of photos and these will be for my design book when I see ideas, apart from the normal holiday snap to capture our time together.

Well that is it today my ramble is over and I must away to my cutting out and stitchery, who knows some of it may well go away later this afternoon and I could get some designing in on Wednesday after all ....

Have a wonderful day whatever you are up to and as always Happy Stitching! XX


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful week. Have you anything planned?

    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Julie
    Well there is London, Bath, Jurrasic Coast, New Forest and beach (sandbank said} to name but a few bits... a full packed 10 days!
    Looking forward to it very much.
    Sarah xxx

  3. Have a great time. I can also recommend Wells, the smallest city in England, market days Wednesday and Fridays

    Julie xxxxxx

  4. If they get homesick you could take them to the American Museum! It all sounds wonderful. They would love Lyme Regis. Wells has also been mentioned and I second that. A few other ideas....Lacock, Sherborne, Montacute House( near me). So many lovely places, we are lucky. Xxx

    1. Thank you Dawn
      It's a whistle stop tour as they want to spend 4 days in London!!
      But we will give some of those a go!
      Sarah xxx

  5. Sarah have a lovely time with your USA friends .... it will be a lovely change for you both and of course we will miss you awfully....I really hope we can meet up in Frome fair at the end of Oct ☺

    1. Thank you Sally!
      Yes I would love to meet you in Frome ..
      I have missed you!
      Sarah xxx